The Ultimate LDS Easter Gift Guide

The Easter season is a time of rejoicing in the most momentous even in human history: the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, as with most holidays, commercialism and distraction has come and made it hard to focus on the most important aspects of Easter. Easter is a time of joy and can be celebrated with traditional baskets and egg hunts. Here are some amazing Easter gifts and tokens that will help you have fun while focusing on the Savior.

Adjustable CTR Rings

These adjustable CTR rings are perfect for your primary class or putting in an Easter basket! They come in multiple styles that any boy or girl is sure to love. Because they are adjustable, they’ll easily fit most children’s fingers. At under $2, it’s easy to get them in bulk! You can see the entire collection here.



Easter Prints

The Holy Week of Easter encompasses many sacred events from the Savior’s life, including the introduction of the Sacrament, Christ’s suffering in Gethsemane, and his glorious resurrection. Man LDS artists have depicted these events in beautiful paintings that are available in prints of all sizes. They are a perfect way to share your testimony of Christ and most 5×7 prints start at just 50 cents. You can see all the best Easter-themed prints here in this Easter collection.


Christus Statue

Christus is the name given to the 11-foot marble statue of Jesus Christ originally crafted in 1821 by the Danish sculptor, Bertel Thorvaldsen. He made the statue depicting Christ after the resurrection with a profound connotation that Jesus Christ was and still is the Son of God and the Redeemer of the World. If you are looking for a more substantial gift or way to bring the sacredness of Easter into your home or office, a Christus statue is an easy way to do so. They come in multiple sizes and materials based on your need and budget. The cheapest is $9.95. View all the Christus statues here.

Resurrection Necklace


Now you can commemorate the Savior’s resurrection with this gorgeous hammered silver necklace which showcases the stone that was rolled back from the garden tomb – a symbol of Christ’s victory over death. It is great for mothers, wives, and young women. You can get it here for $6.99.


Christ Centered Gifts

Focusing on the Savior is easy with books, CDs, DVDs, and journals specifically designed to discuss the life of Jesus Christ. From the classic Jesus the Christ with study guide to the Nashville Tribute Band’s hit CD Redeemer,  all of these gifts will be enjoyed and make an impact long after Easter is over.  Take a look at all of them here. 

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