This Is The First Miracle Joseph Smith Ever Performed

This Is The First Miracle Joseph Smith Ever Performed

Saints: The Story of the Church of Jesus Christ in the Latter Days is a remarkable new telling of the Church’s history. Reading like a novel and featuring hundreds of rare stories, The Standard of Truth is the first volume in the 4-part series.

One of these rare stories is the prophet Joseph Smith’s first miracle, performed by the power of God in April 1830 in Colesville, New York, to Newel Knight.

The Knights had long been supporters of Joseph and one day Joseph invited their adult son Newel to pray at a meeting, but Newel responded he would rather go to the woods to pray alone.

As recorded in Saints, this is the story of the first miracle Joseph performed as a prophet of God.

The next morning, Newel went to the woods and tried to pray. An uneasy feeling came over him, and it grew worse as he started for home. By the time he reached his house, the feeling was so oppressive that he begged his wife, Sally, to get the prophet. 

Joseph hurried to Newel’s side and found family members and neighbors watching fearfully as the young man’s face, arms, and legs contorted wildly. When Newel saw Joseph, he cried, “Cast the devil out!” 

Joseph had never tried to rebuke the devil or heal someone before, but he knew Jesus had promised His disciples the power to do so. Acting quickly, he caught Newel by the hand. “In the name of Jesus Christ,” he said, “depart from him.”

As soon as Joseph spoke, the contortions stopped. Newel slumped to the floor, exhausted but unharmed, muttering that he had seen the devil leave his body. 

The Knights and their neighbors were astonished by what Joseph had done. Helping them carry Newel to a bed, Joseph told him it was the first miracle performed in the church. 

These intimate stories from the Restoration are invaluable to anyone hoping to better understand how the truth of the Church. You can read the entire volume of The Standard of Truth online here.

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