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Why Candy Jars & Coloring Pages DON’T Work for General Conference

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Tried to get your kids interested in Conference, but it’s not working? I know what you’re going through. I also know why the things you’ll find on the internet don’t work. Candy jars, coloring page packets, and notebooks aren’t developmentally appropriate for your kids. As a mom with a degree in elementary education and years of experience in the classroom, I know children only have a 2-5 minute attention span for every year they are old and they’ll only reach that 5-minute maximum if the activity is new and highly engaging. A packet of crossword puzzles and coloring pages is just not going to get their little attention spans through all 8 hours of General Conference.

So, what DOES work? I was determined to figure it out. After a lot of trial and error, I came up with an activity bag system that is now a beloved tradition in my family. I take paper bags, place a photo of our leaders on the front, and hide an activity inside. When that leader speaks, my kids get to open the bag and complete the activity.

It works because it beats the boredom in an innovative new way. It creates excitement and anticipation both before and during Conference. There’s something new to do for each speaker and your kids will be so excited to open each bag and complete the activity inside. It keeps their hands busy and when their hands are busy, their minds are on. They’ll stay focused for ALL sessions, be excited for each new speaker, and learn to listen to Conference with joy.

It’s my mission to help moms teach the gospel to their families, which is why I started Come Follow Me FHE and made my activity bags available to everyone. Each year, I create a new theme for our activity bags based on a Primary song. This year’s theme is “Search, Ponder, and Pray.” All of the activities go along with the simple sentences of the song. The entire bundle includes all the activities you need for all 8 sessions, invitations for friends, decor banners, a GIANT coloring page, and prophet and apostle prints. You can get it here. Plus, save $3 with code LDSDAILY. That’s everything you need for an amazing Conference for less than your favorite streaming service.

Toss the candy jars that hype your kids up on sugar. Toss the trips to the store for a treat if they behave. Toss the notebooks they’ll just scribble in. Toss it all out the window! Try activity bags and watch Conference change for your family forever.

Angie Chandler is an early childhood educator and mother of four. She lives in Utah, enjoys her hobby farm, and is passionate about teaching children the gospel in fun and engaging ways. Come Follow Me FHE was created to bless those burnt out but with a desire to teach their kids the gospel at home. 

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