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100 Easy Ways to Minister to The One, Inspired by President Nelson

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As President Russell M. Nelson’s 100th birthday approaches in September 2024, he has shared that he wants us all to minister to “the one” as a birthday gift. Here are 100 small and large ways you can reach out and help celebrate our prophet dear.

99+1: President Nelson Invites All to Extend a Gift of Love for His 100th Birthday

  1. Pray for the name of someone who needs support.
  2. Reach out to a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile.
  3. Ponder how you can more effectively fulfill your ministering calls.
  4. Thank your bishopric and other leaders for their service.
  5. Forgive someone of their wrongdoings towards you.
  6. Prepare and take a family name to the temple.
  7. Invite who may be lonely over for family dinner.
  8. Bear your testimony of how God has supported you.
  9. Ask your bishop or branch president who in your ward could use some support.
  10. Offer to go on visits with the missionaries in your ward or stake.
  11. Introduce yourself to someone in your ward who you don’t know.
  12. Ask for help yourself and accept service from others.
  13. Volunteer to teach in Primary so those teachers can attend Sunday School or Relief Society.
  14. Sit down and make a list of the things that are most important in your life. Prayerfully ask yourself how you can give more of your time and attention to these things.
  15. Send a thoughtful note or card to someone who has blessed your life. 
  16. Offer to babysit for a family in your ward.
  17. Pray for an opportunity to get to know someone better who you might struggle with.
  18. Offer to drive someone to church who doesn’t have transportation.
  19. Share your favorite scripture online and why it’s important to you. 
  20. Cook and deliver a meal to someone who may be hungry or financially struggling.
  21. Spend time with someone who is homebound or in a nursing home.
  22. Participate in a community service project. 
  23. Donate to a local food bank or charity.
  24. Help clean the church building when it’s your ward’s turn. 
  25. Offer to share or teach a skill to the youth in your ward. 
  26. Look for ways Jesus Christ interacted with “the one” in the scriptures. 
  27. Learn more about active listening and practice these skills. 
  28. Write a letter to a missionary serving from your ward or stake. 
  29. Comment a positive message somewhere on social media. 
  30. Ask someone what you can pray about in their behalf. 
  31. Attend the temple and pray for those you minister to.
  32. Invite someone to attend a church activity or event with you.
  33. Help someone with their family history research.
  34. Study General Conference talks about friendship. 
  35. Make and deliver homemade treats to neighbors.
  36. Put your phone down in public and look for ways to compliment others. 
  37. Learn ways to diffuse contentious conversations and be prepared to do so. 
  38. Offer to help with errands for someone who is busy or overwhelmed.
  39. Go on errands with someone and talk about their life.
  40. Plan and host a family home evening for someone new to the gospel.
  41. Help someone with their technology or computer problems.
  42. Provide encouragement and support to someone looking for a job.
  43. Donate gently used clothing to a shelter.
  44. Visit the gravesite of a loved one and share memories with their family.
  45. Offer to help someone with a home improvement project.
  46. Provide companionship to someone who is grieving.
  47. Write and share your conversion story.
  48. Offer to help someone study for a test or prepare for an interview.
  49. Share your talents, such as music or art, to uplift others.
  50. Invite someone to go on a walk or hike with you.
  51. Help someone set and achieve personal goals.
  52. Share uplifting books or literature with others.
  53. Offer to make phone calls or send emails for someone who is overwhelmed.
  54. Pray for someone you can share a Book of Mormon with.
  55. Help someone be still by simply providing your company while they rest or relax. 
  56. Offer to watch someone’s pets while they are away.
  57. Host a potluck or gathering to build community in your ward.
  58. Provide a listening ear to someone struggling with their faith.
  59. Help someone write their personal history or life story.
  60. Organize a carpool for church events or meetings.
  61. Offer to help with childcare during church meetings.
  62. Follow Latter-day Saint leaders on social media to be inspired by their messages. 
  63. Organize a service project or fundraiser for a cause you care about. 
  64. Invite a less active member to attend church with you.
  65. Help decorate the church for special events.
  66. Create time every week to just wait and see who needs that time. 
  67. Volunteer at a local charity or community organization.
  68. Participate in a blood drive.
  69. Help someone learn to cook a new recipe.
  70. Organize a book club or gospel study group.
  71. Journal about how Jesus Christ has ministered to you personally. 
  72. Strive to be easy to approach and friendly when meeting new people. 
  73. Remember the names of those you minister to and their families. 
  74. Share your testimony of the Savior and His love.
  75. Pray for healing for your family on both sides of the veil. 
  76. Help someone find and attend community resources or support groups.
  77. Provide support to a family with a new baby.
  78. Volunteer at a local school or educational program.
  79. Ponder on how you can better sustain ward members in their callings. 
  80. Offer to help someone write or update their resume.
  81. Share uplifting music or hymns with others.
  82. Offer to help with cleaning or organizing someone’s home.
  83. Invite someone to join you for scripture study.
  84. Take 10 seconds to respond when in a potentially contentious conversation. 
  85. Provide meals or support to someone who is ill or recovering.
  86. Share your favorite general conference talks with others.
  87. Offer to help someone practice their language skills.
  88. Help someone plan and prepare for a family home evening lesson.
  89. Share your testimony of temple work and family history.
  90. Ponder on times you’ve felt alone. What did you most want? Strive to provide that to others.
  91. Provide support and encouragement to new members of the church.
  92. Learn about how those around you feel most loved. 
  93. Help someone navigate community or government resources.
  94. Start a new hobby and do your best to get to know new people. 
  95. Offer to help someone create a personal emergency preparedness plan.
  96. Leave encouraging notes in the places you visit. 
  97. Take the time to hold the door open for others. 
  98. Pray that Jesus Christ will teach you how to be a loving friend.
  99. Be consistent in asking people how they are and creating time to listen. 
  100. Crush your water bottles!

What would you add to this list? How do you plan to minister to the one? 

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Aleah Ingram
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