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15 LDS Quotes on Friendship

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Friendship is an important gospel principle. Whether you are giving a talk, teaching a class, or just wanting to know how to be a better friend, here are 15 of our favorite LDS quotes on friendship.

Brothers and sisters, I believe in angels! We are all here today, a giant army of angels set apart for these latter days, to minister to others as extensions of the hands of a loving Creator. I promise that if we are willing to serve, the Lord will give us opportunities to be ministering angels. – Carlos A. Godoy | I Believe in Angels

My beloved companions in the work of the Lord, I believe we can do much better and should do better in welcoming new friends into the Church. I invite you to consider what we can do to be more embracing, accepting, and helpful to them, starting this very next Sunday. – Ulisses Soares | One in Christ

We can create bonds of love, friendship, and trust. If we listen to the promptings of the Spirit, we will increase our awareness of other people’s needs. – Silvia H. Allred | Feed My Sheep

Friendship is one of the grand fundamental principles of ‘Mormonism’; [it is designed] to revolutionize and civilize the world, and cause wars and contentions to cease and men to become friends and brothers. – Joseph Smith | History of the Church

It should be obvious to each of us that our ultimate friendship should be with our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. – Kathleen H. Hughes | What Greater Goodness Can We Know: Christlike Friends

All of us need true friends to love us, to listen to us, to show us the way, and to testify of truth to us so that we may retain the companionship of the Holy Ghost. You must be such a true friend. – Henry B. Eyring | True Friends

The spirit of gratitude is always pleasant and satisfying because it carries with it a sense of helpfulness to others; it begets love and friendship, and engenders divine influence. Gratitude is said to be the memory of the heart. – Joseph F. Smith | Gospel Doctrine

Friendship should never be offered as a means to an end; it can and should be an end unto itself. – M. Russell Ballard | Doctrine of Inclusion

A friend makes more than a dutiful visit each month. A friend is more concerned about helping people than getting credit. A friend cares. A friend loves. A friend listens. And a friend reaches out. – Thomas S. Monson | To the Rescue

Whether young or old, we need to be good friends, but also to pick our friends carefully. By choosing the Lord first, choosing one’s friends becomes easier and much safer. – Neal A. Maxwell | The Tugs and Pulls of the World

If we truly want to be tools in the hands of our Heavenly Father in bringing to pass His eternal purposes, we need only to be a friend. – Marlin K. Jensen | Friendship: A Gospel Principle

Every boy or girl longs for friends. No one wishes to walk alone. The warmth, the comfort, the camaraderie of a friend mean everything to a boy or girl. That friend can be either an influence for good or an influence for evil. – Gordon B. Hinckley | “Great Shall Be the Peace of Thy Children”

A friend in the true sense is not a person who passively nods approval. A friend is a person who cares. Yes, a friend is a person who is willing to take me the way I am but who is willing and able to leave me better than he found me. –  Marvin J. Ashton | What Is a Friend?

The compassion of Christlike friends deeply touches and changes our lives. In the goodness of genuine friends, I have seen the reflected mercy of the Lord Himself. I have always been humbled by the knowledge that the Savior regards us as His friends when we choose to follow Him and keep His commandments. – Joseph B. Wirthlin | Valued Companions

Be a true friend. This kind of enduring friendship is like asphalt that fills the potholes of life and makes the journey smoother and more pleasant. – Richard G. Scott | For Peace at Home

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