3 Ways Our Physical Health Impacts Our Spiritual Health

3 Ways Our Physical Health Impacts Our Spiritual Health

Doctrine and Covenants 89, known colloquially as the Word of Wisdom, is one of the most prominent revelations on health in the scriptures. In a world where our hearts are hurting and spirituality gives way to sin, some may wonder why the Lord might focus on physical health. In His promises in the Word of Wisdom, such as finding wisdom and the strength we need to carry on, we can see that physical health can be intertwined with our spiritual health. When one suffers, so does the other. Here are three specific ways a healthy body can boost our spirits.

Free to Choose

Agency, or the ability to make choices, is one of the most precious gifts we have from our Heavenly Parents. Making wise choices requires a mind and heart unburdened by the things of the world. Physical health can impact how we make choices. This is especially true when it comes to addiction. When we become addicted to something, we relinquish some of our agency. We remain in control and full of the Lord’s promised power when our minds and bodies are clear and strong. This doesn’t mean that our bodies have to be perfect or that we won’t face health struggles outside of our control. It means that as we make the best choices to treat our bodies in a sacred manner, we will be blessed with God’s power.

Sensitive to the Spirit

Your body is the home of your spirit and your spirit can connect with the Holy Ghost. Receiving promptings and revelation helps us grow closer to God and to others. Physical health allows us to be more sensitive to the body of the spirit. When the body suffers, it must be addressed. We change our lives to meet the needs of our bodies. If we don’t, we become unhealthy and can fall into bad habits. If we make unwise choices that lead to sick and weary bodies, we are less able to focus on our spiritual needs.

Energy to Connect

So much joy from life comes from connection with others. Through connection comes communion. We gain inspiration on how to serve and love one another as God would. When we don’t take care of our bodies, we often lack the energy to do the things we love. We aren’t able to serve the way we’d like. We might not have the energy to reach out beyond ourselves. Feeling healthy can give us the energy we need to find the love and connection in the world that will bring us true joy and last forever.

What are some other ways your physical health has impacted your spiritual health?

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