3 Ways to Add "Miracle-Grow" to Your Seed of Faith

3 Ways to Add “Miracle-Grow” to Your Seed of Faith

Throughout the scriptures, the process of acquiring faith in Jesus Christ and his gospel is often compared to a seed.

Even if our faith is as small as a mustard seed, we can move mountains. As we nourish our faith as we would a seed, it will enlighten our understanding and become delicious to us. These are truly beautiful representations of faith!

However, just as seeds can struggle to grow for a variety of reasons, so can our faith. It may feel as if you are drowning in a flood or being scorched in the heat. You may even feel that you have become forever stuck in the dark soil.

While we all need to be patient on the road to eternal life, there are things we can do to bolster our faith with some spiritual “miracle-grow.” If you are looking for ways to nourish your faith and invigorate your spirit, consider implementing these ideas.

Remember, Remember

Think back. Has there been a time of life when the spirit of God burned like a fire in your heart? Have you felt the love of God? Have you seen his hand in your life?

By remembering these things, you can ignite dying spiritual embers. Set aside a time to focus on how Jesus Christ has impacted your life. Put away all electronics. Go somewhere quiet, clean, and reverent. Make it a sacred time.

Speak your memories out loud. Write them down in a journal. Put yourself back in that time and place. When you feel like your faith is failing, return to these memories again and again to strengthen you.

Bear Your Testimony

Your faith is stronger than you know. Bearing your testimony can remind you of this fact. You can prepare for a fast and testimony meeting by contemplating what you believe about Jesus Christ. You can call up a trusted friend or family member and talk about gospel principles. Even writing down your testimony in a personal journal can empower you.

Praise God

Satan would have us weighed down in shame and doubt when our faith feels week. Directly combat this tactic by actively praising God. Sing hymns of praise and worship. Say prayers focused on expressing gratitude. Use your talents to glorify God. There is so much goodness in God’s love and mercy. We often forgo it for the things we don’t understand or the things that we worry about.

By setting everything aside except for humble feelings of praise, we can clarify our perspective and gain more understanding.

What strengthens your faith when times are hard? Share your thoughts with us.




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