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3 Ways to Bear Your Testimony Without Words

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Standing and bearing your testimony in church can be intimidating, but you can still bear your testimony in other ways. There is power in bearing a spoken testimony, but what is often overlooked is the power of a testimony of action. Elder David A. Bednar said, “Another way you share your testimony is through righteous behavior. Your testimony in Jesus Christ isn’t just what you say—it’s who you are.” We can all live a life that bears witness to Christ and invites others to follow Him. 

When you share your testimony without words you are striving to be like Jesus in all that you do. Think of some of the qualities of Jesus. He was kind, generous, knowledgeable, caring, service-oriented, humble, patient, and meek. You can bear your testimony of the Savior by being like Him. 

Here are 3 great ways to bear your testimony without words!

Be a Peacemaker

The Savior was a peacemaker. In a recent General Conference address, Russell M. Nelson said, “True disciples of Jesus Christ are peacemakers…One of the best ways we can honor the Savior is to become a peacemaker.” In all situations look for ways to avoid contention and anger and instead invite peace and harmony. 

Being a peacemaker is important in all aspects of life, including with family, at work, among friends, and on social media. When faced with disagreements from family members, it’s best to respond with love and listen to their perspectives. If co-workers are gossiping, kindly ask them to stop or step away from the situation. If there is conflict on social media, it’s better to turn off your phone instead of engaging in it. Remember that choosing peace over conflict can lead to healthier relationships and a more positive environment. You always have the choice to be a peacemaker. In a world full of contention, you can bear testimony by being a peacemaker.

Serve Others

Living a life of service is one way we can bear our testimony with action. As we serve, others will notice. When we participate in small acts of service we may think it is not making much of a difference, but people see our good works. They will recognize the light of Christ within us as we strive to do good. 

One example of bearing testimony through service is my younger brothers. In the winter my Dad would take them to shovel the driveways of several people in our town that could not do it themselves. They knew these individuals counted on their service anytime it snowed, but what they didn’t realize was how many other people saw their service and were touched by it. It wasn’t until after they had been doing this for several months that they learned other people had seen them shoveling the snow and were inspired to serve in other ways. 

We can be like them by serving others in small and simple ways such as sending an uplifting text to a friend, offering to help a young mother with her children, volunteering to help at church activities, and in many other ways. 

Prioritize the Gospel

Logan Utah Temple

Another way to bear testimony through action is by showing others that the gospel is a priority in your life. My Grandparents are great examples of prioritizing the gospel. They work in the temple every week and are devoted to their service. They do not allow less important activities to take away from their time in the temple. It is evident that the gospel holds a significant place in their lives as they make it a point to spend time in the house of the Lord. We too can prioritize the Lord in our lives by studying the scriptures every day, praying frequently, visiting the temple on a regular basis, and attending church every week.


When we live a life trying to be like Jesus the spirit will testify to the hearts of those around us that we know the gospel is true. Bearing testimony of Christ is a way for us to invite others to come unto Him. Bonnie H. Cordon stated in a conference address:

“As we choose to seek Christ, the Spirit will witness of Him in many different situations. These witnesses of the Spirit occur as we fast, pray, wait, and continue forward. Our closeness to Christ grows through worshipping frequently in the temple, repenting daily, studying scriptures, attending church and seminary, pondering our patriarchal blessings, worthily receiving ordinances, and honoring sacred covenants. All of these invite the Spirit to enlighten our minds, and they bring added peace and protection. But do we honor them as sacred opportunities to testify of Christ?”

We can testify of Christ in all that we do. Through our actions, others will know our testimony.  As we do these things to bear our testimony without words, we too will find our testimony strengthened. 


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Hannah Hall
Hannah Hall
Hannah Hall is a student at Utah State University, studying Human Experience Design and Interaction. She loves music, reading, hiking, gardening, baking, and spending time with her family.

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