3 Ways to Let Jesus Be Your Advocate

3 Ways to Let Jesus Be Your Advocate

One of the most beautiful roles of the Savior is as our advocate. As our advocate, Jesus Christ recommends us to our Heavenly Parents. He pleads our case and intercedes on our behalf. This is not simply some far-off promise that will occur when we stand before the judgment bar of God. It is a blessing we can embrace every day of our lives. How can we better allow Jesus to act as our advocate? Here are three simple ideas to help you get started.

Tell Him the Truth

Jesus already knows everything about us. He not only understands who we are now and what we face, but He remembers our premortal divinity and sees ahead to who we can become. However, He longs to be with us where we are at any given moment.

Strive to be completely truthful as you share your heart with Jesus through prayer and contemplation. We sometimes want to hide our feelings because we are ashamed of them. How can we be angry or disappointed at God? We shouldn’t let our emotions overwhelm us to the point they affect our agency, but we should share everything with Jesus without fear or restraint.

The more we do this, the more we will trust in the goodness of God and the tender mercies of heaven.

Speak Kind Words to Yourself

Is your inner dialogue harsh and critical? Do you struggle with extending grace to yourself? Try to reframe those thoughts. We need to believe what Jesus believes about us. This doesn’t mean we are prideful or ignorant of the ways we need to improve. It means we embrace our potential and forgive ourselves as we strive to be more devoted disciples.

Each night, ponder on a few ways you succeeded during the day. Thank God for His help in all the good that you did or experienced. When you have an unkind thought about yourself, try and ask yourself if it is something you think Jesus would say if He was standing before you.

Immediately Correct Wrongs

We will all make mistakes. We all need the Atonement of Jesus Christ to overcome sin. One of the best ways we can accept the grace of our Savior is by attentively changing for the better. When we make a mistake or sin, we should do our best to immediately begin repenting. We need to repent every single day. We can do this without wallowing in shame or being overly critical of ourselves.

When you realize you’ve done something that doesn’t correspond with your values as a disciple of Jesus Christ, repent. Don’t delay. Don’t make excuses. Humble yourself before God and ask for help moving forward.

What are some other ways you can let Jesus be your advocate?

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