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4 Practical Ways to Actually Develop Patience

4 Practical Ways to Actually Develop Patience

Patience. Just reading that word can make us feel anything but. In fact, patience seems to be an extremely elusive character trait for most people. It seems to be that the only way to develop patience is to just sit and wait it out. But are there ways we can consciously and actively develop patience? I think so.

Here are four practical ways you can develop patience through day-to-day living.

Understanding Impatience

Discovering the root of your impatience can provide clarity on how to overcome it. Some impatience is natural. We want what we want when we want it. Other times, impatience festers as a symptom of deeper spiritual troubles.

Perhaps our impatience comes from a lack of trust in God. Maybe we are in the middle of experiencing great pain and adversity. We may even be trying to learn how to fully apply the steps of repentance in our life.

Once you discover if there is something deeper to your impatience, you can ponder how to build faith and draw closer to God.

Delay Gratification

We live in a society obsessed with the immediate. We are used to instant access, instant answers, and instant results. By learning to delay our gratification, we can learn to enjoy the wait and discover patience.

You can create goals and reward yourself within a certain timeline for reaching those goals. You can sacrifice what you want to serve someone else. Working on your impulse control is a great way to practice patience.

Ask What You’re Waiting Period Is For

When we are in a waiting period where something is being withheld from us, it can seem like God is making us wait without purpose. However, there is always a reason for each season of our life. God has a plan. There is likely something very important and inspired you can do with this specific time of your life.

Ponder and pray about what those things could be. Seek out opportunities to both serve others and explore personal growth and development.

Look for Blessings

Studies have shown one of the best ways to develop patience is to develop gratitude. By recognizing and genuinely appreciating the blessings in your life, you can find the strength to endure waiting.

You can keep a gratitude journal, focus on expressing gratitude in prayer, and be saying thank you to the people in your life for the things you do.

How have you developed patience in your life? Let us know in the comments below.


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