5 Great LDS Back to School Quotes

5 Great LDS Back to School Quotes

Whether you’re preparing to go back to school, helping your children get excited for another year, or just a life-long learner, these five LDS back to school quotes and the talks they come from are great sources of inspiration about education and knowledge.


We should learn to discern the truth not only through our rational minds but also through the very still and small voice of the Spirit. – Mathias Held | Seeking Knowledge by the Spirit


From heavenly instructions and added to which are the experiences of almost anyone who has sought diligently for heavenly guidance, one may readily understand that learning by faith requires the bending of the whole soul through worthy living to become attuned to the Holy Spirit of the Lord, the calling up from the depths of one’s own mental searching, and the linking of our own efforts to receive the true witness of the Spirit. – Harold B. Lee | The Iron Rod


Seek learning by studying diligently. Rarely will you be able to spend as much time dedicated to learning as you can now. Be a good student. Arise and shine forth in your schools with hard work, honesty, and integrity. If you are struggling or discouraged with your performance in school, seek help from your parents, teachers, and helpful Church members. Never give up! – Mary N. Cook | Seek Learning: You Have a Work to Do


Education is the difference between wishing you could help other people and being able to help them. – Russell M. Nelson | What Will You Choose


Education is the key to opportunity. – Gordon B. Hinckley | Perpetual Education Fund

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