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5 Ways To Become The Architect of Your Own Happiness

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In a day and age where we feel we have a great deal to be worried about, it’s important to take a step back and realize our ability to create our own happiness, no matter what circumstances we may find ourselves in.

Within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, there is a large focus placed on our “agency”.  Agency, or our ability to choose, is a key doctrine within the Gospel. We believe it was the one main difference between the two plans brought to our Father in Heaven before we came to this Earth. Heavenly Father’s purpose for this life was to allow us to come to this earth to make choices; to decide right from wrong, to choose to follow Him and His Son, and of course “that they might have joy” as written in 2nd Nephi 2:25.

Gérald J. Caussé recently gave an address to the youth entitled “We Are the Architects of Our Own Happiness” where he relates ways in which we can take control of our lives in finding happiness. He states that “[our] happiness depends a lot more on the principles that [we] choose to follow than the external circumstances of your life” and that, “if [we] live in harmony with His eternal plan and if [we] have faith in His promises, then [our] future will shine!”

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is beautifully simple, and as we draw closer to Christ it becomes even more simple in the most wonderful way. It is a message of peace, happiness, and love. Prophets and Church Leaders continually teach us ways in which we can draw closer to Christ, and live in a way in which the Holy Ghost can guide and strengthen us. Additionally, there are ways in conjunction with Gospel Principles that have been proven to boost our happiness in this life. Below are 5 ways in which we can become architects of our own happiness each day.


“To strengthen our relationship with God, we need to spend some meaningful time alone with Him.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Prayer is our personal connection to God. It is our way to communicate with Him and receive guidance. As we spend more time with Him each day in fervent and sincere prayer, we will witness miraculous changes within ourselves, and find a greater sense of happiness within each day.

Having A Morning Routine

“My future starts when I wake up every morning.” Miles Davis

Some of the most important moments of our day are happening when we first wake up. Nowadays, our first mode of action is to check our phone, scroll through social media, or we are simply rushing to get out of the door on time. What could we accomplish if we got out of bed just about 20 or 30 minutes earlier? What if instead of reaching for our phones we reached for our scriptures or a good book to start our day? When we give a little extra time to ourselves in the morning through having a morning routine, we begin our day with clarity and organization. Whether it’s an everyday walk around the neighborhood or making your favorite breakfast after exercising, having a simple routine has been proven to give our days the jump start we need.

Attending the Temple

“The temple is concerned with things of immortality. It is a bridge between this life and the next. All of the ordinances that take place in the house of the Lord are expressions of our belief in the immortality of the human soul.” Gordon B. Hinckley

One of the most effective ways to overcome difficult situations is having perspective. One of the biggest blessings of the temple is its focus on the things that are eternal. Within the walls of the temple we learn of our divine worth, our life before and after this one, and we feel a closeness to the things that are eternal.

Serving Others

“Charity is something one becomes.” Dallin H. Oaks

As we follow the example of the Savior and do all that we can to love and serve others, including ourselves, the pure of Love of Christ can more fully enter our hearts and lives. Realizing we have the ability to bless the lives of others reminds us that we are capable of bringing that same love and happiness to ourselves.

Having Patience

“Realizing that change is a process, most of us would never get angry at a seed for not being a flower or expect a sculptor to transform a block of marble into a masterpiece overnight.” Brad Wilcox

We all have weaknesses. We all have things about ourselves we know we ought to change. Sometimes in those moments, we feel completely helpless, and that because these changes take so much time they may never happen. As equally as important for us to be patient with others, we should cultivate patience with ourselves. We often are our own worst critics, and when we do this, we stunt our ability to choose happiness. When we give ourselves time to grow, we can more fully find happiness with our efforts, no matter how small they may seem to us.

What brings you happiness? What does happiness mean to you? Comment your responses below.

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Devin Justesen
Devin Justesen
Devin is a graduate of Brigham Young University where he studied English and Business Management. He is a writer, photographer, movie-fanatic, and a lover of street tacos. He served his mission in Tokyo, Japan.

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