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5 Ways to “Remember the Lord” in All You Do

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In this week’s Come, Follow Me study, we learn about the importance of remembering the Lord in everything that we do. In Helaman 12, we’re taught about the unfortunate consequences of pride when we forget the Lord and focus entirely on our own efforts. Although the Lord wants us to trust and be confident in ourselves, He lovingly invites us to rely on His strength. When we remember the Lord in all that we do, we’re promised that the Spirit will strengthen us, bring us peace, and give us the hope needed for when things become difficult. Sometimes when life gets busy, we can unintentionally lose sight of all of the wonderful ways the Lord is actively working in our lives. To help with times such as those, here are five ways to remember the Lord in all you do.

Take time each day to quietly reflect

Church leaders have often urged us to take time each day to reflect on the good the surrounds us. Sometimes when we take advantage of those quiet moments to disconnect from our phones and other technology, we’re almost instantly filled with a deeper awareness of the wonderful world around us. Our Heavenly Father has given us this life so that “we might have joy” (2 Nephi 2:25), and those quiet moments can remind us of that fact. Additionally, when we take those moments to quietly reflect, we’re able to more easily identify the ways the Lord is working in our daily lives.

Keep a gratitude journal

Studies and Church leaders have taught that the more we look for things to be grateful for in our lives, we more easily find them. Sometimes on those more difficult days, it can be harder to name things to be grateful for just off the top of our heads. When we take time to write in a journal, we’re able to reflect and see the little details of the day that we can be grateful for. When we allow the sense of gratitude to fill our hearts, we can feel the deep love that our Father in Heaven has for each and every one of us. We can realize that He is actively involved in every aspect of our lives and that our concerns are His concerns. Our triumphs are His triumphs, and our hopes are His hopes. One of the greatest gifts of keeping a journal is being able to look back on past entries and see how much love that the Lord has for us. When times become difficult, we can have a real tangible record of our past triumphs with the Lord by our side.

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Find ways to connect with others

During these very confusing times of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has left many of us scrambling to find new ways to stay connected with our friends and family when we can’t be around them physically. Our Heavenly Father created us in His image and made us social creatures. We love to connect with our fellow brothers and sisters and to share memories together. With many of us far more isolated than in years previous, it can require extra effort to stay connected to those around us. But as we make such efforts, we can be reminded that the Lord has not placed us on this Earth to be alone. Whether it’s a simple phone call, a video chat, or even just writing a close friend a physical letter, staying connected with our loved ones can remind us that the Lord loves us, and has given us these wonderful people to help us make it through such tough times.

Daily scripture study

President Gordon B. Hinckley once famously stated the blessings of daily scripture study, particularly from the Book of Mormon. He said:

“Brothers and sisters, without reservation I promise you that if you will prayerfully read the Book of Mormon, regardless of how many times you previously have read it, there will come into your hearts an added measure of the Spirit of the Lord. There will come a strengthened resolution to walk in obedience to his commandments, and there will come a stronger testimony of the living reality of the Son of God.”

When we devote a portion of our day to reading the words of the Prophets of old, we’re reminded that our struggles aren’t very different from their own in some cases. We can see how they relied on the Lord, remembered Him, and found strength in following His commandments.

The gift of prayer

One of the best ways we can remember the Lord in our daily lives is to simply communicate with Him. The most inspiring truth that was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith was that our loving Father in Heaven is our Father with flesh and blood. He deeply cares for us and answers our prayers. When we spend time each day communicating with Him, it can be far more difficult to forget that His hand in our lives. Our Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to draw near to Him in every way that we can. There are countless scriptures and stories that remind us to “remember Him” in all that we do. When we take those moments to reassess how we can better remember Him, we can find peace and happiness to face each day with enthusiasm.

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Devin Justesen
Devin Justesen
Devin is a graduate of Brigham Young University where he studied English and Business Management. He is a writer, photographer, movie-fanatic, and a lover of street tacos. He served his mission in Tokyo, Japan.

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