6 Things Mormons Should Do AFTER Praying for the Texas School Shooting Victims

6 Things Mormons Should Do AFTER Praying for the Texas School Shooting Victims

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In times of tragedy, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have covenanted to mourn with those that mourn. As we face the tragic news that at least eight are dead in yet another devastating school shooting, it is important to use the surging emotions in our hearts to affect change.

As we pray, mourn, and comfort, we should seek for inspired ways to act. Here are six things Mormons can do today and in the coming weeks.

Pray to know how to act

Prayer is a stepping stone to revelation. God knows how you can make a difference in your community. As you pray, don’t just pray for the victims and those left behind. Pray to know what you can specifically do to minister to those in need. Ask God to reveal to you clear ways to act.

Donate blood and offer resources

Donate blood, especially if you near on in the affected community. You can donate money to your local school for therapy counselors and services. Think of what you have access to and how you can give it back to your community.

Learn PTSD symptoms

Many students and families experience PTSD after school shootings. Educate yourself on the signs of PTSD. If you are a Church leader in Texas, look for these signs in your young men and young women.

Gather your young men and young women to write cards and notes

For a mutual activity, write thoughtful notes and cards to victims and survivors. Use the time to talk with your youth about school shootings and how you help them. Consider inviting an educated mental health professional to come and speak with and your youth as you create the cards.

Educate yourself on gun safety issues and vote

The First Presidency consistently encourages members to be active in the political community, though it remains politically neutral on the whole. Learn about gun safety issues at a local and national level. Whatever your feelings about these issues, do not remain silent.

Here are some political ideas you can consider:

  • Contact your local news station and ask them not to use the shooter’s name. If they do, express your distaste.
  • Support budgets or legislation to bring more security and training to local schools
  • Support budgets or legislation to provide mental health services in local schools

Register to vote and go to the polling booth to vote on these important issues.

Teach your youth about reporting suspicious behavior

Students should never be made to feel like they are to blame for school shootings or that they are responsible for not catching warning signs.

However, students are on the front lines in their schools. Hold a mutual activity or FHE lesson to teach your youth about how they can report suspicious behavior or notice warning signs of possible school violence.

This website has some great resources for you to use.

What advice do you have?

Mormons around the world have been affected by gun violence. What advice do you have on how members can gather together and get involved.


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