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A Letter to Heavenly Father on Father's Day

A Letter to Heavenly Father on Father’s Day

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are all that a daughter or son needs. You are kind. You are merciful. You demand respect, but acknowledge weakness. You sacrifice for us, and even your Son was given to make up for our shortcomings.

We may be confused at times, but you have a plan for all of us. It is a plan of happiness. Not everyone is aware of it, but for those who are, we thank you.

With this plan, we are able to learn and grow. We often stumble, but we are also capable of surprising ourselves. For you have given each of us power that requires digging down before it appears.

Thank you for your Son. With Him, it was like having you here. And He gave everything so that we may one day be reunited with you. We truly have a Savior. And for that, we must thank you as well.

As much as we tend to hate them in their present moments, we are thankful for trials. Without them, we would never truly understand pain, nor would we be as grateful as we are for joy and happiness. With our trials, we can grow closer to you, and become more like you.

Thank you for prayer. Without it, we would certainly feel more lost than we already do. But we have it, and we can use it. We may not always hear your voice clearly, but when we pray, we can learn to know that you are listening.

With scriptures at many bedsides, we often take the word of God for granted. But we are thankful for that as well. When we read it, we can better understand your plan and feel the Spirit.

Heavenly Father, you have given us everything. You have given us life and breath and the ability to grow and become better. We may not all have families or jobs, but we do all have you.

Thank you. Happy Father’s Day.


Your children.

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