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A Big Lie Satan Tricks Mormons Into Believing

A Big Lie Satan Tricks Mormons Into Believing

When someone decides to stop going to the LDS Church typically it is because they have been offended or they feel judged by the shame culture. When this happens it becomes harder and harder to go to church. This is when Satan tricks them into believing that even though they know the gospel is true, they don’t need to actively live it by going to church. They say to themselves “I can believe everything, without going to church.”

Because I have already written about both taking offense and the shame culture in Mormonism, I wanted to address this lie that we can be inactive at Church yet be active in the gospel.

Note, this article is not directed to apostates who have forsaken Christ and His gospel and actively fight against His Kingdom, I am talking to the member who deep down inside still loves Jesus Christ, and knows the restored gospel is true.

You Can’t Be Active In His Gospel And Be Inactive In His Church.

Satan is a liar. He seeks to trick us into believing half-truths and lies. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we love the gospel. But there is a deadly lie Satan is tricking people into believing. Satan knows he can’t get us to outright forsake the gospel, so he tricks us into thinking that we can go less active at church and still be living the gospel. By so doing he tricks us into forsaking the countless blessings of membership in Christ’s Church.

I have heard this from countless people things like “I believe everything, and I love and live everything except the going to church part.” Or “I don’t need to go to church to live the gospel.”  That is like saying, “I am a runner, I love to get ready to run, I love running shoes, but I don’t actually run.” You can not love Jesus Christ and live His gospel and be inactive in His Church. Remember His stern wisdom, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” John 14:15. Don’t let Satan trick you into thinking you can be less active at church and at the same time love Christ, live His gospel and keep your covenants.

“No man who comprehends, believes, and lives according to gospel covenants will be inactive in the Church.”
~Marion G. Romney (According to the Covenants, Oct 1975)

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