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Come Follow Me Study Guide – Have Ye Experienced This Mighty Change in Your Hearts?

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June 10-16

Theme: Have Ye Experienced This Mighty Change in Your Hearts?

Scripture Focus: Alma 5–7

Welcome to the weekly “Come, Follow Me” study guide. This guide is designed to assist you in your personal scripture study and reflection, helping you delve deeper into the teachings of Jesus Christ and apply them in your daily life. You’ll find scriptures to focus on and simple daily prompts to guide your study each week. By consistently following this guide, you can enhance your understanding of the gospel, strengthen your relationship with God, and experience personal growth and spiritual development. As we study “Come, Follow Me” at home, we invite the Spirit into our lives, receive personal revelation, and build a foundation of faith that sustains us through life’s challenges.


As we delve into the study of Alma 5-7 this week, our focus will be on the profound miracle of a “change of heart.” This transformative experience, often referred to as being born again, has the power to renew and regenerate our inner selves through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It’s a journey of spiritual healing and transformation that transcends our life circumstances, inviting us to come unto Christ and find solace and restoration.

The scriptures in Alma 5-7 provide a glimpse into the lives of the people of Zarahemla, who were deeply affected by the teachings of Alma and his son Helaman. Through their powerful testimonies and unwavering faith, they witnessed the miraculous change in the hearts of many, leading to a spiritual revival and a renewed commitment to following the Savior.

This “change of heart” involves a profound shift in our attitudes, desires, and priorities. It’s not just about changing our behavior, but about experiencing a transformation at the core of our being. When we come unto Christ with humility and a genuine desire for change, we open ourselves up to the healing power of His love and grace.

The process of being born again can be challenging, but it is a journey worth taking. It may require facing our weaknesses, confronting our sins, and surrendering our lives to the will of God. But as we do, we find that the Savior’s atonement becomes a source of hope, forgiveness, and strength, enabling us to overcome challenges and live a life of greater purpose and fulfillment.

No matter where we are in our spiritual journey, the invitation to come unto Christ and experience a “change of heart” is always open. It’s a gift that is available to all who seek it, regardless of their past or present circumstances. Through the power of the atonement, we can be transformed from within, becoming new creations in Christ, ready to embark on a life filled with joy, peace, and love.

Day 1: Discover

  • Read the assigned scriptures for the week.
    • Alma 5-7
  • Reflect on key phrases or messages.
  • Consider historical context and background information. 
    • Reading the chapter headings can help gain background context. 

Day 2: Study

Day 3: Apply

  • Reflect on how these chapters apply to your life.
  • Consider a time in your life when you experienced a change of heart.
  • Think of several ways you could focus on having a change of heart this week. Here are a few ideas:
    • Practice Mindfulness
    • Write in a journal
    • Step out of your comfort zone
    • Actively listen to others

Day 4: Share

  • Discuss the scriptures and insights gained with a friend, family member, or study group.
  • Exchange thoughts and perspectives.
  • Share something you learned from your Come, Follow Me study this week with a friend, family member, or on social media. 

Alma 5-7

Day 5: Ponder

  • Find a peaceful environment and dedicate specific time to reflecting on what you have learned. Consider visiting the temple or a place of worship that resonates with you, as it can provide a serene setting conducive to contemplation.
  • Pray for guidance and understanding.
  • Consider how the principles taught can deepen your relationship with God.


In conclusion, the chapters of Alma 5-7 serve as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of a change of heart. Through Alma’s teachings, we are invited to reflect on our own spiritual journey and consider the state of our hearts. As we diligently strive to align our desires with God’s will and humbly seek repentance, we open the door to profound spiritual growth and renewal. Just as Alma’s people experienced a mighty change of heart, so too can we experience a similar transformation as we earnestly seek to follow the Savior. May we heed Alma’s words and allow the Atonement of Jesus Christ to work in our lives, leading us to greater joy, peace, and ultimately, salvation

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Hannah Hall
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