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Come Follow Me Study Guide – I Will Make an Instrument of Thee

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July 1-7

Theme: I Will Make an Instrument of Thee

Scripture Focus: Alma 17-22

Welcome to the weekly “Come, Follow Me” study guide. This guide is designed to assist you in your personal scripture study and reflection, helping you delve deeper into the teachings of Jesus Christ and apply them in your daily life. You’ll find scriptures to focus on and simple daily prompts to guide your study each week. By consistently following this guide, you can enhance your understanding of the gospel, strengthen your relationship with God, and experience personal growth and spiritual development. As we study “Come, Follow Me” at home, we invite the Spirit into our lives, receive personal revelation, and build a foundation of faith that sustains us through life’s challenges.

Come Follow Me Study Guide - Enter into the Rest of the Lord


Welcome to this week’s edition of the Come Follow Me Study Guide, focused on the profound theme: “I Will Make an Instrument of Thee,” drawn from Alma 17-22 in the Book of Mormon. As we journey through these chapters, we delve into the remarkable missionary efforts of the sons of Mosiah and their dedicated service among the Lamanites. Their experiences provide us with timeless lessons on faith, perseverance, and the transformative power of the gospel.

In Alma 17, we encounter the sons of Mosiah after fourteen years of missionary labor. They are reunited with Alma the Younger, and their joy is palpable. The scriptures recount how these once-wayward young men had undergone a dramatic conversion and dedicated their lives to the Lord’s service. This conversion was not merely a change of behavior but a profound transformation of heart and purpose. They had become instruments in the hands of God, ready to serve His children and share the message of salvation.

The concept of being an “instrument” in the hands of the Lord is a powerful metaphor. An instrument, whether a tool in a craftsman’s hand or a musical instrument in the hands of a musician, serves a purpose beyond its mere existence. It becomes an extension of the one who wields it, capable of creating, building, and transforming. Likewise, when we submit ourselves to God’s will, we become His instruments, capable of bringing about His divine purposes.

In Alma 17-22, we witness the sons of Mosiah embracing this role with remarkable dedication. Ammon, in particular, exemplifies this as he serves among the Lamanites. His encounter with King Lamoni is a testament to the power of service and humility. When Ammon defends the king’s flocks, he doesn’t seek personal glory but instead attributes his strength to God. His actions and testimony open the door for the Spirit to work upon King Lamoni’s heart, leading to his conversion and the conversion of many others.

These chapters highlight several key principles that are essential for anyone striving to become an instrument in God’s hands. Firstly, it emphasizes the importance of preparation. The sons of Mosiah spent years studying the scriptures, praying, and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Their spiritual preparation was crucial in enabling them to fulfill their mission.

Secondly, these chapters underscore the significance of faith and trust in the Lord. The sons of Mosiah faced immense challenges and dangers, yet they pressed forward with unwavering faith. Their trust in God’s promises and His power to protect and guide them allowed them to accomplish what seemed impossible.

Thirdly, the power of love and service shines through in these narratives. Ammon’s willingness to serve King Lamoni and his people, even in menial tasks, demonstrated Christlike love. Through this love and service, hearts were softened, and lives were changed.

As we study Alma 17-22 this week, let us reflect on our lives and consider how we can become more effective instruments in God’s hands. Are we preparing ourselves spiritually? Do we trust in the Lord’s guidance and timing? Are we willing to serve others with love and humility?

May this study guide inspire and encourage you to embrace your divine potential and purpose. As we follow the example of the sons of Mosiah, we too can experience the joy and fulfillment that come from being instruments in the hands of our Heavenly Father. Together, let us strive to bring His light and love to a world in need.


Day 1: Discover

  • Read the assigned scriptures for the week.
    • Alma 13-16
  • Reflect on key phrases or messages.
  • Consider historical context and background information. 
    • Reading the chapter headings can help gain background context. 

Day 2: Study

Day 3: Apply

  • Reflect on how these chapters apply to your life.
  • Consider a time in your life when you could act as an instrument in God’s hands.

Day 4: Share

  • Discuss the scriptures and insights gained with a friend, family member, or study group.
  • Exchange thoughts and perspectives.
  • Share something you learned from your Come, Follow Me study this week with a friend, family member, or on social media. 

Day 5: Ponder

  • Find a peaceful environment and dedicate specific time to reflecting on what you have learned. Consider visiting the temple or a place of worship that resonates with you, as it can provide a serene setting conducive to contemplation.
  • Pray for guidance and understanding.
  • Reflect on what you have studied this week.
  • Consider how the principles taught can deepen your relationship with God.


In conclusion, as we immerse ourselves in the stories of Alma 17-22, we are reminded of the profound impact we can have when we allow ourselves to be instruments in the hands of the Lord. The examples set by the sons of Mosiah inspire us to prepare diligently, exercise unwavering faith, and serve others with Christlike love. By emulating their dedication and humility, we can bring about meaningful change in our own lives and the lives of those around us. As we continue our study, let us strive to deepen our commitment to the Lord’s work, trusting that He will guide and empower us to fulfill our divine potential. May we each find joy and purpose in being instruments of His grace, bringing light and hope to a world in need.

Additional Resources:

  • Here are some links to relevant talks, articles, and videos from Church leaders that can benefit your study this week. 
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