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Come Follow Me Study Guide – They Never Did Fall Away

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July 1-7

Theme: They “Never Did Fall Away”

Scripture Focus: Alma 23–29

Welcome to the weekly “Come, Follow Me” study guide. This guide is designed to assist you in your personal scripture study and reflection, helping you delve deeper into the teachings of Jesus Christ and apply them in your daily life. You’ll find scriptures to focus on and simple daily prompts to guide your study each week. By consistently following this guide, you can enhance your understanding of the gospel, strengthen your relationship with God, and experience personal growth and spiritual development. As we study “Come, Follow Me” at home, we invite the Spirit into our lives, receive personal revelation, and build a foundation of faith that sustains us through life’s challenges.


Welcome to this enriching journey through Alma 23–29, a section of the Book of Mormon that beautifully exemplifies the gospel’s transformative power and the unwavering faith of those who embrace it. Our theme, “They Never Did Fall Away,” is derived from the steadfast devotion of the converted Lamanites, known as the Anti-Nephi-Lehies, whose remarkable story offers timeless lessons on conversion, commitment, and enduring faith.

In these chapters, we witness a profound spiritual awakening among the Lamanites sparked by the missionary efforts of the sons of Mosiah. This period is marked by miraculous conversions, dramatic shifts in societal structures, and poignant examples of repentance and forgiveness. The Lamanites, historically depicted as enemies of the Nephites, experience a mighty change of heart, embracing the gospel with such fervor that “they never did fall away” (Alma 23:6). This transformation underscores the universal reach of God’s love and the power of sincere repentance.

The narrative of Alma 23–29 highlights the dramatic changes that occur when individuals and communities embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Lamanites, once fierce adversaries of the Nephites, become humble followers of Christ, laying down their weapons of war and coveting peace. Their conversion is not a superficial change but a deep, heartfelt transformation that alters their entire way of life. This change illustrates the gospel’s power to turn hearts and minds, leading to lasting peace and joy.

One of the most inspiring aspects of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies’ story is their unwavering commitment to their covenants. Despite severe persecution and the threat of death, they remain steadfast in their faith. Their commitment is exemplified by their willingness to bury their weapons of war as a testimony of their covenant with God. This act symbolizes their complete trust in God’s protection and their determination to never return to their former ways. Their example challenges us to reflect on our commitments and the extent to which we are willing to stand firm in our faith.

The Anti-Nephi-Lehies’ faithfulness despite intense adversity is a powerful testament to their spiritual resilience. They exercise faith and non-violence when faced with potential annihilation, trusting in the Lord’s promises. Their story is a profound reminder that true faith is not merely professed in times of ease but is proven in the crucible of trial. Even unto death, their unwavering devotion inspires us to cultivate a faith that endures, no matter the circumstances.

As we delve into the chapters of Alma 23–29, we will explore the principles of conversion, covenant, and enduring faith. We will examine how these principles can be applied in our lives today, drawing strength and inspiration from the examples of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies. Their story encourages us to reflect on our own spiritual journeys, seek deeper conversion, renew our commitments, and strengthen our faith in the face of challenges.

This study guide aims to provide insights and reflections to enhance your understanding and appreciation of Alma 23–29. As you read and ponder these chapters, may you be inspired by the profound faith of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies and strive to emulate their example. Let their story remind us all that through sincere repentance, unwavering commitment, and enduring faith, we, too, can reach a state where “we never do fall away.”

May your study be fruitful and spiritually enriching as you immerse yourself in these sacred texts and draw closer to the Savior.

Day 1: Discover

  • Read the assigned scriptures for the week.
    • Alma 13-16
  • Reflect on key phrases or messages.
  • Consider historical context and background information. 
    • Reading the chapter headings can help gain background context. 

Day 2: Study

Day 3: Apply

  • Reflect on how these chapters apply to your life.
  • Consider a time in your life when you could act as an instrument in God’s hands.

Day 4: Share

  • Discuss the scriptures and insights gained with a friend, family member, or study group.
  • Exchange thoughts and perspectives.
  • Share something you learned from your Come, Follow Me study this week with a friend, family member, or on social media. 

Day 5: Ponder

  • Find a peaceful environment and dedicate specific time to reflecting on what you have learned. Consider visiting the temple or a place of worship that resonates with you, as it can provide a serene setting conducive to contemplation.
  • Pray for guidance and understanding.
  • Reflect on what you have studied this week.
  • Consider how the principles taught can deepen your relationship with God.


As we conclude this study guide on Alma 23–29, let us carry forward the profound lessons of conversion, commitment, and enduring faith exemplified by the Anti-Nephi-Lehies. Their unwavering devotion, even in the face of persecution and death, is a powerful reminder of the gospel’s transformative power and the strength that comes from true covenantal commitment. May their story inspire us to deepen our own faith, to stand firm in our beliefs, and to live our lives in a manner that reflects our unwavering trust in the Lord. As we apply these principles in our daily lives, may we strive to reach a state where, like the Anti-Nephi-Lehies, “we never do fall away.” Let this study guide be a catalyst for lasting spiritual growth and a testament to the enduring power of faith in Jesus Christ.

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