Do You Struggle Receiving Revelation? Try These 3 Tips to Connect With God.

Do You Struggle to Receive Revelation? Try These 3 Tips to Connect With God.

One of the most beautiful truths of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that God continues to talk to us today. Not only does God talk to prophets or leaders, but He can talk to us. Personal revelation, as described in the Bible Dictionary, “makes possible daily guidance along true paths and leads the faithful soul to complete and eternal salvation in the celestial kingdom.”

As wonderful as the truth of revelation is, it can also create a lot of pressure. What should we do if we feel like we aren’t receiving personal revelation? Does that mean we’re bad or worse — that God has abandoned us? If you’re struggling to connect with God, ponder on these three ideas. 

Carve Out Quiet Time

We live in a world full of noise and distractions. The Lord understands the demands on your time, but we won’t be able to hear Him if we don’t make time to listen. Building the righteous habits that lead to revelation begins by carving out quiet time each day.

Even if it is just for a few minutes, disengage with the world. Set aside technology and be still. Try to clear your mind and ponder on what Jesus Christ means to you. Think of this quiet pondering as planting the seeds of revelation.

Look for Unexpected Answers

When seeking answers to our questions, it is natural to have our perspective narrowed by our own expectations. We need to remember that God provides revelation to His children in many different ways. It can come through feelings, thoughts, other people, opportunities, and even closed doors. 

Try to broaden your perspective and see if God has provided you with answers in an unexpected way. One practice that can help is keeping a daily list of the way you saw God working in your life. Elder Ronald D. Rasband once said: 

What should you be looking for in your own life? What are God’s miracles that remind you that He is close, saying, “I am right here”? Think of those times, some daily, when the Lord has acted in your life—and then acted again. Treasure them as moments the Lord has shown confidence in you and in your choices.

Move Forward With Confidence

Speaking of confidence, we should have it when revelation doesn’t come. All too often we beat ourselves up if we don’t feel like God is speaking to us. Unless caught in clear and grievous sins, take heart and believe you are doing the best you can and God is pleased with your efforts. We all can improve. But we’re also children of God taking daily steps on the covenant path. If you aren’t receiving revelation, try to focus on laboring in God’s kingdom. Think about what excites you and how you can use that for good. Co-create your life with God, knowing He’ll warn you if you are veering so terribly off course.

Learn to receive revelation is a life-long process and requires us to submit to God’s will. What are some things you do if struggle to connect with God?

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