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Does the Book of Mormon Have Literary Merit?

Does the Book of Mormon Have Literary Merit?

A new video from Book of Mormon Central dives into the oft-heated discussion about the literary merits of the Book of Mormon.

In sharing the video, the site states, “The following video demonstrates that the Book of Mormon’s redundancies are actually sophisticated literary features which, in many cases, are similar or identical to literary techniques used by ancient Hebrew authors. A number of other Hebrew features can also be found in the text. These traits provide remarkable evidence that the Book of Mormon is indeed a masterful work of literature. It just follows ancient, rather than modern literary standards.”

You can watch the entire video below.


The Book of Mormon is a sacred book of scripture chronicling the life of an ancient people in the Americas who believed in Jesus Christ. Together with other books of scripture, it is a witness that Christ is the Redeemer and we need to follow him. Learn more about the Book of Mormon here.


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