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Finding Faith When Heavenly Father Seems Silent

Sometimes when we need Christ the most, it’s easy for us to think He’s not listening. Here’s a heartfelt reminder that He never leaves you.

Of all the Christlike attributes we seek to cultivate each day, one of the most difficult is patience. Patience is the ability to endure delay, to keep moving forward while awaiting our desired result. When things are going our way, seeing the hand of the Lord seems almost easy. We are more than happy to offer our thanks in prayer when our lives seem to be going exactly the way that we want it to.

But what do we do when it seems He’s gone silent in the times we feel we most need Him? When we offer up prayer after prayer, and things stay the same? In those moments when we feel we can barely stand, how can we possibly fall to our knees in prayers of gratitude?

The Knowledge of Our Divine Nature Will Give Us Strength

In those dire moments, it’s important that we remind ourselves of our divine nature. We are much stronger than we realize, and we are allowed to feel the way that we feel in those moments. Too often, we want to be seen as the one who is doing “great” or one who “has it all together.”

One of the most important things to remember however is that we are all walking the path of faith. We all have moments where we feel our Father in Heaven is not hearing our prayers. We are all gloriously imperfect, and we all have moments where our faith feels dim.

“The smallest seed of faith is better than the largest fruit of happiness.” Henry David Thoreau

That awareness is one of the first steps we take in finding our faith in times of great difficulty. We feel that because our faith is dim, it must mean that we are doing something wrong, that we are on the wrong path.

We should strive to remember that even the most valiant of followers of Christ have gone through moments where they felt their faith was too weak. Joseph Smith lamented in Liberty Jail, Nephi lamented the natural man within him, and even our Savior asked the Father if the cup could pass from Him.

Faith is something that goes through hills and valleys. It ebbs and flows through the different times of our lives, but as we make those deliberate choices to draw closer to our Father in Heaven, our faith will always be there no matter how small it may seem.

Sometimes Being The Answer to Someone Else’s Prayers Is Exactly What We Need

In moments when we feel our prayers have not been answered, we can seek to be an answer to the prayers of others. We can seek out those that are in need of a warm smile, or a friendly conversation.

A recent study on loneliness in the United States found that 54 percent of those surveyed stated they felt that they were “left out” or “isolated from others.” These studies show that so many people around us are more than likely feeling lonely and isolated. They are in need of a friendly face and a kind spirit to enter their lives. As John Watson once said,

“Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Our loving Father in Heaven sent us to the world not to fail, but to succeed. He did not send us to suffer but to thrive. He created this life with all of its complexities and difficulties for us to grow, learn, and serve.

Often times when we think He is silent, He is simply giving us greater opportunities to walk by faith and to seek out His voice in ways different than we thought we would hear Him. We find faith in Him by serving our fellow brothers and sisters and simply spreading kindness through our day to day actions.

Our Father in Heaven is Never Silent

Whenever we feel as though our Father in Heaven has fallen silent, it can be difficult even to simply get up in the morning. Doing our everyday tasks can feel like we’re trying to move mountains. In those moments, we can always look to the example of our Savior. He walked the path of difficulty, of betrayal, and of incredible pain. Through His Atonement, He experienced all that is wrong and unfair in this world. He felt not only our sins but our fears, our anxieties, our doubts, and our pains. He even felt the exact moment that we feel currently when we think Heavenly Father is no longer hearing us. In those moments when we feel like our Heavenly Father cannot hear us when can take heart in knowing that we are not the first to feel this way. The Savior of the world even asked in His moment of most need “Why hast thou forsaken me?” We can rely on His strength, His love, and His deep awareness of everything that we are feeling.

The Lord requires our patience, but He is never silent in our lives. He has created a wonderful and happy life for us here on Earth and desires that we love and serve one another.

He mourns with us when we are mourning, and He hears each and every one of our fervent pleas for help. In those times it may feel like He has fallen silent, we can remember our divine worth, and seek ways to lift others through kindness.

We can take heart in knowing there is still much we can do to find His voice that is resounding in our lives.

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