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Finding God’s Rainbows in the Storms of Your Life

Finding God’s Rainbows in the Storms of Your Life

For Noah, the symbol of the rainbow represented the covenant God made with him and his family, which included a promise that the destruction of the flood would never happen again. Sometimes, we may feel like we are in the midst of a great flood and there is no sign of relief. Today, the story of Noah can be a lesson for us about how to trust in God’s promises during the storms of life.

Safety in Prophetic Priorities

The first lesson we learn from the story of Noah is finding safety in following the prophet. When our lives are rattled by destruction, it is natural to fear and to question. Staying close to Jesus Christ through the counsel of the prophet can help us feel peace and security amidst the chaos. We can avoid deadly consequences as we strive to obey God and submit ourselves to His will as taught through His servants. Following the prophet acts as both an anchor and a guide. The promise of safety through prophets is one that we can build a foundation of faith on.

Keep a Hopeful Eye for Dry Ground

As the rains abated, Noah sent forth a raven and a dove to see if they were able to land on dry ground. We too must keep a constant watch for the goodness of God and the fulfillment of His word. When terrible things happen, it is easy to succumb to hopelessness and fear. We must strive to open our windows with an assurance that God will help lead us to our own promised lands. You might ask what this looks like for you. How is the open window on the ark and the dove seeking dry ground symbolic of gospel principles you can act on?

Tokens of our Covenants

Ultimately, the rainbow placed in the sky was representative of something much larger—God’s covenants with His children. When the waves beat against our faith, we must return to our covenants again and again. Ponder on the covenants you’ve made and seek to renew and remember them by partaking in sacred ordinances. Just as a rainbow, made from light and perspective, our covenants can help us embrace the light of Christ in our lives and see our lives with more beauty and eternal color.

What are some things you learn about God’s promises from the story of Noah?

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