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Five Times General Conference Changed Lives

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General Conference has the power to change lives. It does every six months. Here are five times General Conference changed the lives of people close to me, as told to me by them or their friends. Names have been changed.

Faith to Act Despite Fear

Kassidy and Jared were thriving in Scottsdale. They loved their life and felt very settled there with their little children. They kept wondering, however, if they should move to Washington state. The problem was, neither really wanted to leave their home in Arizona.

Jared was out of the country for work and Kassidy was home with their small children during General Conference of 2006. Both Jared and Kassidy determined they would ponder this question—whether to move to Washington—during Conference and they would report back to each other the answer they felt they received. Although physically apart, they combined their prayers and their faith. Each of them received a sure witness that they needed to leave their home in Arizona and move to Washington.

Although neither really wanted to leave their home and friends, they began the process to move. Later, Kassidy reviewed the General Conference talks and was surprised to find that there was nothing that spoke of moving, of leaving friends, or of going to new places, but she knew the Spirit she had felt at General Conference. She knew the answer they received had come through the Spirit of the Lord.

All these years later, Kassidy and Jared cannot deny the blessings that have come from heeding that prompting to move, particularly for their children.

Faith to Make Covenants

Anne was a young college student making decisions about her relationships, her lifestyle, and her future. She had been close to marriage, but she had felt the answer was “no” when she prayed if she should marry her serious boyfriend. She acted in faith and ended their relationship.

Then, during the October 2021 Conference, Anne heard President Nelson say, “If I could speak to each man or woman who longs for marriage but has not yet found his or her eternal companion, I would urge you not to wait until marriage to be endowed in the house of the Lord. Begin now to learn and experience what it means to be armed with priesthood power.”

Hearing these words and this talk lit a fire in Anne to want to better know the Lord and to receive power from Him. She acted immediately and before the end of the next month, she received her own endowment. Although this isn’t the result for everyone, her act of faith culminated shortly after in meeting the young man who, within a year, would become her eternal companion, sealed in the House of the Lord.

Faith to Change Old Ways

Noah was married to a lovely woman who was a member of the Church, but Noah wasn’t interested in it. He was supportive of her attendance, but he didn’t want anything to do with it for himself.

At one October conference, Noah’s wife Cheyenne was watching from home. To this point, Noah had never wanted children. He and Cheyenne would both work, have a comfortable income and the freedom to spend it—wherever and however they wanted.

Noah hadn’t expected General Conference to mean anything to him, but as he overheard it from the other room, Noah heard the speaker testify of the joy of children and family life. The Spirit confirmed this message and in an instant, Noah’s heart was changed. He wanted children—and the joy of family life.

Touched by his experience at General Conference, Noah began taking an interest in church. As he and Cheyenne started a family, this interest grew. He met with missionaries and was becoming convinced of the truthfulness of the gospel, but he had a big hang-up.


Without Cheyenne’s income (she was home with their children), Noah’s income was being stretched thin as it was, and he wasn’t sure they could manage on only 90% of his paycheck.

A short time later, General Conference was again filling his home.

By the end of the second day of Conference, Noah’s spiritual cup was filled, and he committed to paying tithing—not knowing how he would afford it.

Within a week of paying tithing, Noah was given a promotion at work—and a substantial pay increase.

He continued to pay tithing, was baptized, and ultimately sealed to his wife and children in the house of the Lord.

Twice, General Conference had changed his life.

Faith to Overcome the Darkest Days

Elizabeth was a sophomore in high school when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. A few weeks later, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland gave a talk at General Conference entitled, “A Perfect Brightness of Hope.”

In this Sunday morning session, Elizabeth felt that more than any others she had heard that she needed to truly soak in these words. She was finding applications for herself and her life, but she had the distinct impression that she needed in-depth knowledge of this talk for other reasons.

That same evening, Elizabeth was talking with a friend who admitted he was having some mental health challenges. His words grew dark and deeply concerning.

In this moment of darkness, Elizabeth’s mind came back to the words of Elder Holland: “[We] did not come this far only to come this far.” She shared the words of a prophet of God and testified to this young man of his worth.

Elizabeth’s friend later confided in her that he had planned to take his life that night but changed his mind because Elder Holland’s words continued ringing in his ears. He had not come this far only to come this far.

General Conference not only changed this young man’s life…it saved it.

It Can Change Your Life Too

General Conference brings the Spirit which answers questions and enhances our faith. It absolutely changes lives.

How will it change yours?


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