The Hard Truth: Life IS Depressing, But Here's What You Can Do

The Hard Truth: Life IS Depressing, But Here’s What You Can Do

Sometimes, we get depressed because we think life is supposed to be better or more comfortable. The hard truth is that life IS depressing—but HOPE doesn’t have to be logical. Maurice Harker, CMHC, the owner and director of Life Changing Services, talks about the realities of life and how focusing on what is hopeful can make this depressing world a better place.

“When it comes to the science of brain chemistry, having something you’re getting excited about does not require it to be logical,” says Harker. “And so, hope does not have to be based on something that’s logical. It just has to have a flicker of possibility to it. And then, if you are one of the crazy ones, like Thomas Edison, that really thinks you can create a light bulb—and mathematically speaking, nineteen hundred and ninety-nine times, that should convince you it’s not going to work. ”

“So, we have so many examples of history of people defying logic in order to pull off something and that’s why we live—not because it’s enjoyable.”
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