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How Acting in Faith Brings Answers to Prayers

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Many years ago, my husband was up for a promotion at work. We knew he was the obvious choice, but for reasons we couldn’t see or understand, the promotion wasn’t coming.

Over time, we began to sense that someone in a position of power and decision-making had gotten the wrong idea about my husband and was prohibiting him from progressing in the company.

He tried to make amends. He demonstrated patience and emotional intelligence. He got there early and stayed late.

None of it made any difference.

We started job hunting elsewhere. It was casual at first; mostly hypothetically speculating until the job at work came to fruition. We did this for two years.

Around the start of year three, I began feeling a nudge from the Spirit that I needed to learn and study more about faith.

I read scriptures, reviewed General Conference talks, and pondered on what it meant to have faith. Over and over, I felt that true faith meant doing something, going somewhere even if we didn’t know the final destination. It’s easier to direct a vehicle already in motion than one that is in park.

One day, after a year of praying for a baby we had not yet been given, and two years after praying for a job change that hadn’t yet been offered, I decided I could do more to act in faith.

I looked over our home and started wondering how we would configure the bedrooms to fit another child in our home. This was our fifth child in our first home, so it was starting to look a little tight. I asked my husband what he thought about it, and he agreed that it would be fairly cozy trying to fit another baby into our home. After years of looking at jobs and potential housing all over the country, I asked my husband if he would consider moving houses within our present community. He said he wouldn’t want to commit to a larger home and larger mortgage until he got the management role we had been waiting for.

At that moment, it clicked.

“So, you’re telling me that if you get the supervisor job, we’ll move. But if you don’t get the supervisor job, we’ll move for a new job somewhere else. So, acting in faith would mean that we should prepare ourselves to move.”

We agreed that preparing to move would be the best way to act in faith to realize the blessings God wanted to give us. Immediately, we began making a list of what we would want or need to do in the house to prepare to move. It included things like painting, organizing and throwing out anything we wouldn’t want to move with us, and upgrading our countertops in the bathrooms. We had no idea how we would pay for it but felt that updated bathrooms would give us a better chance of selling our house quickly and for the best price.

Within one hour of making our list, a woman I barely knew but who had previously lived within our ward boundaries offered up on Facebook almost a full slab of quartz countertop leftover from her kitchen renovation. It was in the style we preferred, and exactly the right amount to redo our bathrooms.

Over the following nearly nine months, we completed many of the items on our list to prepare to move, still without a job that would justify these preparations.

Then, the weekend I went into labor with the baby we had so earnestly prayed for the year before, my husband was presented with a job opportunity that exactly met our needs. From the time he was offered the position, to the date he needed to start work in a new state was less than seven weeks. If we hadn’t done the work of preparing to move almost a year before we had any reason to prepare to move, we never would have been ready to take this opportunity.

If we want the Lord to guide our journey, let us begin by getting in the car, starting the engine, and getting in gear. If you’re feeling stuck or your prayers and pleas feel repetitive, consider asking yourself what you would need to do to be ready to receive the blessing you seek. Then, begin doing it and see if the Lord doesn’t amply provide when we demonstrate our faith not just by asking, but by doing.

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Rebecca Wright
Rebecca Wright
Becca loves audiobooks, dark chocolate, singing, hiking, walking,  going out with her husband, and raising their chickens and children. She still wants to meet her hero Sheri Dew, see flowing lava and a blue whale in person, and uplift others with her words.

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