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How to Be Patient as God Reveals Things to Us Line Upon Line

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In the scriptures, we find countless examples of how God reveals His will to His children line upon line, precept upon precept. One such example is found in Acts 10 when the Apostle Peter grappled with understanding a vision he received from the Lord. As we seek to understand revelation and learn how the Holy Ghost speaks to us, we can draw valuable insights from Peter’s experience. Let’s explore three tips that can help us be patient as God reveals things to us line upon line.

Understanding Peter’s Struggle

In Acts 10, Peter received a vision from heaven that left him perplexed and uncertain about its meaning. He saw the heavens open and “a great sheet know it at the four corners” that was let down to the earth. The sheet was full of four-footed beasts. The Lord instructed Peter, who had been hungry before the vision, to eat. Many of these animals were forbidden by Jewish law.

As he pondered the vision’s significance, he was visited by messengers from Cornelius, a devout Gentile seeking to know more about the gospel. This divine convergence of events helped Peter understand the significance of the vision and that “God is no respecter of persons.” Peter talked with the angel in the vision and pondered on his experience with Cornelius. Similarly, in our lives, God may reveal things to us in ways that require patience and trust in His wisdom.

Tip 1: Cultivate Humility and a Teachable Heart

To understand revelation and the promptings of the Holy Ghost, it is essential to cultivate humility and a teachable heart. Peter’s openness to listen and learn from the Lord’s guidance allowed him to comprehend the deeper meaning of the vision and embrace the unfolding plan. Likewise, by humbly seeking guidance from the Holy Ghost, we invite His influence into our lives, leading us to a clearer understanding of God’s will.

Tip 2: Study the Scriptures and Seek Personal Revelation

Another way to comprehend God’s revelations line upon line is by studying the scriptures and seeking personal revelation through prayer and meditation. The scriptures provide a wellspring of knowledge and insight, guiding us in our quest for understanding God’s ways. Through prayer, we invite the Holy Ghost to teach us individually, tailoring revelations to our unique circumstances and needs.

Tip 3: Exercise Patience and Trust in God’s Timing

Patience is a virtue as we strive to comprehend God’s revelations. Like Peter, we may not immediately grasp the full significance of the promptings we receive. God’s timing often differs from our own, and His revelations may unfold gradually, in perfect accordance with our spiritual readiness and growth. Trusting in God’s wisdom and being patient allows us to learn line upon line and gain a more profound understanding of His plan for our lives.


As we reflect on Peter’s struggle to understand his vision, we gain valuable insights into our journey of comprehending revelation line upon line. By cultivating humility, seeking personal revelation, and exercising patience, we can learn to discern the Holy Ghost’s promptings and trust in God’s divine timing. Just as Peter’s understanding expanded through his faithfulness, so too will ours as we embrace the process of learning and growing in the light of divine revelation. May we approach our journey with patience, knowing that God lovingly reveals His will to us, line upon line.

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Aleah Ingram
Aleah Ingram
Aleah is a graduate of Southern Virginia University, where she studied English, Creative Writing, and Dance. She now works full time as a marketing and product manager, writer, and editor. Aleah served a mission in California and loves baking, Lang Leav poetry, Gaynor Minden pointe shoes, and Bollywood movies.

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