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How to Discover the Work God's Called You To Do

How to Discover the Work God’s Called You To Do

When the Angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith on September 21, 1823, he told the yet-to-be-prophet that “God had a work for me to do.” Just as Joseph was called of God to labor in the Lord’s vineyard, so are we. It is one of the greatest opportunities and privileges we have to serve alongside Jesus Christ in bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. However, it isn’t always easy to discover what God’s work for us is. How can we know what we’ve been called to do?

First, turn to your patriarchal blessing. It is a powerful roadmap for your life and contains blessings, promises, and glimmers of the eternal possibilities awaiting you. Susan W. Tanner once said, “One of the ways we can come to understand the divinely appointed mission the Lord has for us is through our patriarchal blessings. These are very specific and individual messages we can each receive by the power of the priesthood.”

Read your patriarchal frequently with an attitude of study and prayer. Sometimes, we can feel our patriarchal blessings don’t seem to fit us or don’t relate to our lives. The Spirit can help reveal truths to you, even if they aren’t specifically written down. If you do not yet have your patriarchal blessing, talk with a trusted Church leader about receiving one. Click here to learn more about patriarchal blessings.

Second, think about all the things you’re good at. Everyone has different talents and skills. Even if you may feel like you can’t do anything extraordinary, there are things you just naturally gravitate towards. Our Heavenly Parents want us to use our natural and divine talents to bless others. Ponder on ways you can use these talents and skills to serve others, bear testimony of Christ, and help yourself grow in your own divine nature. If you still struggle, consider thinking about the causes you are passionate about and the experiences you’ve been through that can be shared with others.

Finally, pray every day to see an opportunity to act. Each day of our lives can be consecrated to God if we strive to seek after Him. The work God has for us will not always be loud and grand. In fact, it is more likely the small, day-to-day choices we make that will impact the world the most. Begin every day by saying a prayer to know how you can act to best serve Him. Pray for eyes to see and ears to hear. As we continually look for opportunities to serve God and others, the more attuned we will be with God’s will.

What has helped you discover what God’s work is for you?

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