How to Open Your Heart to Abundant Receiving at Christmas

How to Open Your Heart to Abundant Receiving at Christmas

Those who wish to put aside the hustle and bustle of a commercialized holiday season often focus on acts of service and giving gladly. While this is an essential part of celebrating a Christ-centered Christmas, we can forget to embrace abundant receiving.

As we give gifts to others, we also need to rejoice in the gifts we receive not only from our friends and family but from our Heavenly Father. These three simple ideas can help open our hearts to receive these gifts more gladly.

Make a list of everything you have because of Jesus.

Jesus Christ is the source of all the good in our lives. By making a list of all the things we have because of Christ and the gospel, our hearts soften in gratitude. We receive the gifts we’ve already been given more fully, which opens us up to receive more. Our faith grows that Heavenly Father and Christ are true givers of good gifts.

Once you make your list, review it regularly. If you’d like, writing daily in a journal can help reveal more than you may have realized.

Ask sincerely for your deepest wishes and desires

Do you ever feel guilty for asking for something from God? We definitely need to be careful not to ask amiss, but don’t be afraid to bring your deepest wishes and desires to the Lord. Be completely open about how much you want them and humbly ask what part you can play in bringing those things to pass. Pray with as much faith as you can muster that these things you desire are possible in your life.

Pray for more faith and pray to submit God’s will to be done. Pray that your eyes may be open to the compensatory blessings God brings into your life when he doesn’t answer a certain prayer.

The Christmas season is also a great time to open up to those around you. Be vulnerable and let those you love know about your needs and what would bring you joy. Try to return the favor.

Embrace and enjoy your blessings unapologetically

As you receive, embrace and enjoy your blessings. Don’t feel guilty for finding joy in them and don’t compare yourself to others. Avoid pride, but praise God and don’t be shy sharing what you have with others. Don’t feel bad because you have something and others don’t. Rather, seek ways to give good gifts, just like Heavenly Father has done for you.

If we can find joy in the gifts God has given us, we will find more merriment during the Christmas season and all year long. How do you open your heart to more abundant receiving?

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