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How to Prevent "Going Inactive" After the Pandemic Ends

How to Prevent “Going Inactive” After the Pandemic Ends

For members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the term inactive is used to describe those who once attended church but no longer do so. While so many have been excited about the process of returning to chapels for worship with their fellow Saints, others are also struggling with the idea of going back to church.

There are many reasons for this, but any form of separation from God can lead to an ever-widening chasm if we aren’t careful. If you’ve felt a lack of God’s power in your life without church or are wondering how you can get excited about returning to church worship, here are a few ideas to consider.

Things Don’t Have to Go Back to “Normal”

In this time away, you’ve probably learned about what you love or don’t love about your church meetings. As services resume, it’s a great time to look at how we can improve them. Consider talking with your ministering friends or trusted leaders about any ideas you’ve had.  Even as a single person, you can consistently strive to voice your feelings and work towards positive changes.

Focus on What You Can Give

It is so important that our church experience is one of safety for each of us. However, we may focus too much on what we can get from our church meetings. Are we being served? Are we being fulfilled? Are we comfortable? Try turning your perspective outward and look for opportunities to give back. How can you be a better student in your classes? How can you contribute more to the spirit of sacrament meeting? How can you help others feel comfortable?

Put the Sacrament at the Center

Cheryl A. Esplin once said, “The sacrament provides a time for a truly spiritual experience as we reflect upon the Savior’s redeeming and enabling power through His Atonement.” The more sweet and tender your sacrament experience, the more improved your overall church experience will be. The sacrament should be the focal point of our Sabbath Day worship. If nothing else about your church meetings improves, do what you can to make the sacrament a special time for you and Christ.

Advocate for Yourself

It can be hard to feel like you’re going against the norm or speaking out against the status quo. Strive to be your own advocate, confidently setting boundaries and doing what is best for you. This could include what you wear to church, what ward you attend, how many classes you go to, or how you interact with others. In all ways, do your best to represent Jesus Christ while working to create a church experience you feel passionate about.


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