How to Take Your 7 Day Break From Fake & Fast from Social Media

How to Take Your 7 Day Break From Fake & Fast from Social Media

In his recent devotional to youth, President Russell M. Nelson issued a challenge to take “a seven-day break from fake” and fast from all social media for seven days.

Does this feel like an impossibility to you? It’s ok! With cell phones and computers, we live in a technology-saturated world. It is normal to struggle with disconnecting, but we are here to help. Implement some of these ideas to stick to your seven consecutive days fast from social media.

Announce It

Many people use social media as a form of communication with your family. Announce what you are doing! Not only does it let people know to reach you through other methods, but it is a chance to share President Nelson’s challenge and be accountable.

We’ve created a special image you can share on your social media pages to help you spread the word and kick off your fast.

Block Notifications

Do you always notice that little red bubble on Facebook? Do you hear the “ding” of notifications constantly? Block them! Go into your phone’s settings and search for the App category. You should be able to go through each social media app and turn off notifications for each one.

You will be less tempted to check your social media if you are not getting any notifications.

Remove the Apps from Your Main Screens

Chances are, you instinctively know where each social media app is on your phone’s main screens. Swipe once to the left, click the upper right corner, and the app is on the bottom left of the grid.

Take your apps and remove them from your main screens. Hide them in the most obnoxious and unfrequented places on your phone. Out of sight, out of mind!

Disable the Apps Completely

The best way to stop yourself from checking social media is to delete the apps from your phone. Don’t worry! You will be able to reinstall and have all of your content right there when you are ready. Just make sure to write down your passwords so you can get back in.

You can also go into your App settings and disable the apps. This is like turning the app off.

Get a Productivity Extension

If you frequent social media on your computer, get a free productivity extension for your web browser like this one. You can block certain websites and set timers for use. You can even see how long you spend on your social media websites.

Avoid Technology Completely

Do your best to avoid technology completely for those seven days. Leave your phone behind or keep it off if you feel more comfortable with it. Put the computer away on a shelf except for necessary work.

After you unplug, it is important you fill the time doing good things. Take some time to think of God, journal, and record how you feel without so much social media in your life.


What has helped you detox from social media? Let us know in the comments!

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