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If You Feel God Isn't There, He May Just Be At the Grocery Store

If You Feel God Isn’t There, He May Just Be At the Grocery Store

Have you ever felt like God has left you utterly alone?

I have. It can be hard to admit. After all, isn’t that the clarion call of the gospel? Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are with us. They love us. They don’t abandon us.

So, why are there circumstances in our lives where we feel the complete opposite, in spite of our best efforts to live righteously and connect?

There are many answers. One of my favorites can be encapsulated by the slightly humorous phrase, “God may just be at the grocery store.”

For me, this phrase was an answer to a prayer. I was alone. I didn’t feel the spirit, no matter how I prayed or studied or tried. As I thought about where God could have possibly gone, I suddenly had the image in my mind of a loving Father at the grocery store. He was there specifically to get me something I loved because he knew how much I wanted it. That night I specifically thought of pizza rolls and Nutella.

As silly as the image was at first, it quickly became tender. I realized that instead of abandoning me, perhaps my loving Father in heaven was simply out creating and preparing something for me. He isn’t doing it begrudgingly. It isn’t just an errand to run for an obedient child. I think he delights in seeking out the best things to give us. I then thought: Maybe I asked for pizza rolls from the local gas station, but God knows of the best Italian restaurant with the best pizza that has ever existed. He is excited to get me the very best.

He is excited to give you the very best.

But it takes time. It takes faith that he is always on our side and is always working to put the pieces in place to make our lives so much better than we ever could have imagined. Sometimes, God has to go out and do something. Sometimes (most of the time) it takes work for everyone involved and that is the reason nothing seems to be happening or God seems to be gone.

He is out working, always, for us.

So, if you have felt alone or abandoned or forgotten, remember, God may just be at the grocery store.

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