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Joy is Found in God’s Presence in Our Life

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This week as I studied Come, Follow Me I was listening to “Don’t Miss This” by David Butler and Grace Freeman. Grace made a comment that really made me stop and think. Hebrews 1:1 says, “God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets,” She brought our attention to the footnote for the word “at” which says “in many locations and various ways.” This idea that God is with us “in many locations and various ways,” helped shift my perspective. Think of all the places God has shown up for you! 

This is how I want to think of God. He will show up for me “in many locations and various ways.” Some days I find it hard to see how God is showing up for me, but as I have been pondering this idea for the past few days I have noticed so many ways that God has shown up for me. He shows up for each of us in many different ways, but He is always there. He knows us each personally and will support us in the ways best for us individually. My experiences will not be the same as another, yet we can all find God’s presence in our life. 

God shows up for me in the temple when I need his comfort. 

He was there for me as I served in an orphanage in Mexico by letting me see his love for those I was serving.

He has shown up for me in nature as I have prayed for his guidance and received answers. 

He showed up for me at the hospital when my dad passed away by sending good people to be there with me. 

He has shown up for me numerous times as I have visited the cemetery by giving me peace. 

He shows up for me at home on days when I am overcome with grief by giving me hope for the future. 

He is there for me when I win and when I lose. He celebrates with me and weeps with me. He is with me through the good and bad days as I navigate life. 

Sister Susan H. Porter states, “God’s love is not found in the circumstances of our lives but in His presence in our lives. We know of His love when we receive strength beyond our own and when His Spirit brings peace, comfort, and direction. At times it may be difficult to feel His love. We can pray to have our eyes opened to see His hand in our lives and to see His love in the beauty of His creations.”

I have seen and felt God’s pressence in my life “in many locations and various ways.” and I know that if you will pray to have your eyes opened and take the time to look you will see His presence in your life as well. God loves His children and is eager to be involved in their lives. 


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Hannah Hall
Hannah Hall
Hannah Hall is a student at Utah State University, studying Human Experience Design and Interaction. She loves music, reading, hiking, gardening, baking, and spending time with her family.

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