Life Is Worth Living - Seth Adam Smith's Message for Hard Times

“Life Is Worth Living” – Seth Adam Smith’s Message for Hard Times

In August 2017, Latter-day Saint author and influencer Seth Adam Smith hiked from the South Rim to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon as a reflective recognition of an anniversary – it had been 11 years since he had almost died by suicide.

Now, as the world faces challenging times with the potential to overwhelm many, Smith has a message of encouragement, especially for those facing crippling mental health issues. “While it’s okay to feel discouraged from time to time, please don’t give in to that discouragement,” Smith shared on the blog post announcing he was releasing some of the things he filmed on the hike. “Don’t give up. Life can be depressing and difficult, but life is worth living.”

Read more inspiration from Smith here on his official website.

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