Lindsey Stirling, Piano Guys Help with Miracle Conversion Story

Lindsey Stirling, Piano Guys Help with Miracle Conversion Story

This article from Christopher Cunningham originally appeared on, Below is an excerpt:

That January Matt was baptized by Steven Sharp Nelson, the man who miraculously appeared on his YouTube playlist at the beginning of his spiritual journey.

His baptism, the culmination of his conversion story came about from what Matt modestly describes as a series of “not accidents.”

His mom didn’t come to Utah, but she did Skype in and watch.

The orbit of friends that Matt carries with him filled the building. Jennifer Stirling, who had first invited him to Church. Nathan Drew, who had encouraged him to move to Utah. Jon Schmidt, his coach and friend.  Marshall McDonald who wrote that “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” cover. Al van der Beek, the producer and writer for the Piano Guys, confirmed him.

Kayson Brown, who had rejected Matt’s first audition tape, gave a talk about Baptism. And made sure the audience knew he met Matt because he wasn’t quite good enough the first time. Matt called the talk a “little roast.”

And you can only imagine the musical numbers.

Steven and Marshall played, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel,” and Lindsey Stirling played her own cover of “Come Thou Fount.”

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