Monday, May 16, 2022
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Mission Report - Elder Anderson, Contact Him!

Mission Report – Elder Anderson, Contact Him!

The scriptures are full of accounts of people responding when called. Moses returns to Egypt to free his people. Peter and Andrew straightway left their nets to follow Christ. Lehi took his family and walked out into the desert. The results weren’t always immediate, but when these individuals acted in faith miracles followed. The Israelites were freed. Peter and Andrew were witnesses to and instrumental in Christ’s ministry. Lehi inherited a promised land for his posterity.

On his mission in Lima, Peru, Danny Anderson had an opportunity to act in faith. One day as Danny and his companion were riding the bus, a man came and sat in between them. Danny got a strong impression to speak to the man. Danny said, “The guy sits down, and it’s just like ‘Elder Anderson, contact him. Contact him, contact him, contact him.'” After a few minutes, Danny followed the prompting and spoke to the man. He gave the man a flyer and got his information. The man didn’t live in Danny’s area so he passed the information on to some other missionaries. Then, several months later, Danny came to find out that the man and three of his brothers had met with the missionaries and accepted the message of the Gospel. 

Some blessings come now, some come later, and some don’t come until heaven. But with the faith to act our power to do good can be immense. We may not need to face a hostile monarch or leave our jobs or our home. But we may need to talk to the man next to us on the bus. And we will all be blessed together. 

Mission Report is a podcast created to help educate and inspire future missionaries. Each week a new Returned Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be interviewed about their missions, their advice, and the lessons they learned. You can listen to Danny’s full interview here or by searching Mission Report wherever you get your podcasts.


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