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Mission Report – People Resonate With People

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One of the hallmarks of Christ’s ministry on Earth was the time that he spent with individuals. The woman at the well, Mary and Martha, the great multitudes at Bountiful. Each time Christ took the time to speak to these people, so know them and understand them at a personal level and their hearts were touched. 

Tyler and Makayla Crowthers learned a valuable lesson on their missions in Santiago, Chile. There are millions of people out there and each one of them is different. Each one is at a different point in their lives, they have different needs, and they each need to be loved in their own way. Tyler said, “You realize there is a better way to connect with people. By being a person. By being somebody who is relatable and by opening up and sharing experiences.”

When Tyler and Makayla sat down, knee to knee and eye to eye with people and talked to them, really trying to connect with them on a personal level, they found people opened up to them and the message of the Gospel.

Mission Report is a podcast created to help educate and inspire future missionaries. Each week a new Returned Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be interviewed about their missions, their advice, and the lessons they learned. You can listen to Tyler and Makayla’s full interview here or by searching Mission Report wherever you get your podcasts.

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Tyler Nelson
Tyler Nelson
After serving a mission to Samara, Russia, Tyler graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in Creative Writing. Tyler is the author of Away From The Sun, a short collection of his written works. He lives in Provo with his drop-dead gorgeous wife, enjoys playing basketball, playing the banjo, studying history, and collecting Pokemon cards. Follow Tyler on Instagram @therealtylerbnelson

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