Nick and Jordan Applegate - A Mixed-Orientation Couple In The Church Of Jesus Christ

Nick and Jordan Applegate – A Mixed-Orientation Couple In The Church Of Jesus Christ

Nick and Jordan Applegate

Nick and Jordan Applegate live in a little apartment not far from Brigham Young University. Jordan will start the BYU Pathways program in January studying Communications and Nick is studying Information Systems. They both enjoy music, spending time together, and they are proud parents to a brand-new baby boy. But just like any relationship, theirs has come with challenges. 

Nick and Jordan first met at Seminary in high school. After serving missions, they reconnected and began dating. Nick, who had known from a young age that he was attracted to men, came out to Jordan a few weeks after they started dating. After praying, seeking revelation, and counseling together, they made the decision to get married. They were sealed together in the temple in 2020. 

Sharing Their Thoughts

The relationship between members of The Church of Jesus Christ and the LGBTQ+ community has often been tenuous. After seeing so much contention and suffering Nick and Jordan felt they could share something that might help that because of their unique situation. When controversy arose around Elder Jeffery R. Holland’s talk at BYU Education week, they felt it was a good time. They listened to the talk, shared their thoughts, and began to write. 

In a pair of Facebook posts, they described their shared experience and expressed their support for Elder Holland, the Church, and BYU. Nick wrote about his same-gender attraction and his support for the Church. He also wrote that he feels his identity is not tied solely to his gay orientation. “. . .at the core of myself, I am not a gay man; I am a child of God, a priesthood holder, a husband, and a father.” Jordan wrote of their experience deciding to get married. “We knew, however, that it was right to get married, despite our opposing sexual orientations. . . This is the life we both have prayed for, and it is the one we choose.”

The Reaction

The reaction was swift. “It took off really quick, both positive and negative,” said Nick. By the next morning, thousands of people had shared their posts. Some people reacted cynically and made assumptions about Nick and Jordan. But all of the people they knew personally were supportive and understanding. Many people reached out to thank them. 

Nick and Jordan were happy to find that many people who agreed with them had been afraid to speak up because they had never experienced same-sex attraction. They even had a few people reach out to them privately to say that they were going through something similar. Others came forward with sincere questions that Nick and Jordan were able to answer.

The Agency To Choose

Nick and Jordan are happy. They support the Church and its teachings. They have a healthy baby, bright futures, and they are fiercely committed to their marriage. But Nick and Jordan also acknowledge that while their arrangement works for them, it might not work for everyone. “We don’t condone not following the Lords’ teachings. . . but we aren’t saying this is the only way to do it,” said Jordan. 

But it does work for them, and Nick and Jordan want people to know it was their choice. “People should still have the freedom to choose,” said Nick. “And they should get the same respect that we would give to anyone who disagrees on a faith basis. [But] if people can voice their opposition, then we can voice our support.” 

You can read Nick’s full Facebook post here, and Jordan’s here 

Learn more about the Church’s teachings regarding the LGBTQ community and principles of kindness, inclusion, and respect for all of God’s children here.

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