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Powerful Quotes from EVERY October 2023 General Conference Talk

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General Conference is a feast of inspiration! To make digesting the sheer amount of content we received a bit easier, we’ve gathered one powerful quote that encapsulates each October 2023 General Conference talk. 

Plus, keep scrolling to get a free printable of these quotes to display in your home or hand out at church.

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Saturday Morning Session

“I promise your personal anguish will be relieved and your obedience and faithfulness to patiently submit your will to God will be rewarded in the own due time of the Lord.” – Elder David A. Bednar

“In the end, because of Jesus Christ, everything can be okay.” – Sister Amy A. Wright

“We want to see Jesus for who He is and to feel His love. This should be the reason for most of what we do in the Church.” – Elder Robert M. Davies

“As we know, anything broken can be mended through Jesus Christ. Will our current decisions lead us to joy now and in eternity, or will they lead us to sorrow and tears?” – Elder Carlos A. Godoy

“Each of us can be the one who can make a difference for good in the life of someone. It is unlikely you will know the recipients of your time, dollars, and dimes, but compassion does not require us to know them, it only requires us to love them.” – Elder Ian S. Ardern

“We have a loving Heavenly Father who will see that we receive every blessing and every advantage that our own desires and choices allow.” – President Dallin H. Oaks

Saturday Afternoon Session

“The sealing power makes individual salvation and family exaltation universally available to the children of God, wherever and whenever they may have lived on the earth.” – Elder D. Todd Christofferson

“Trust in the Lord’s timing; the blessings always come.” – Elder Neil L. Andersen

“We can ensure that the voice of the covenant people is not silent in the ears of the rising generation and that Jesus is not a Sunday-only topic.” – Elder Jan E. Newman

“Sometimes we may think, ‘I need to fix my life before I come to Jesus,’  but the truth is we come to Jesus to fix our life.” – Elder Joaquin E. Costa

“Many of you start your day by standing in front of a mirror. Tomorrow, this week, this year, always pause. As you look at yourself in the mirror, think to yourself, or say aloud if you like, “Wow, look at me. I’m amazing. I’m a Child of God.” He knows me. He loves me.” – Elder Gary E. Stevenson

“He sees our needs. He provides the strength we need, and has blessings ready to be poured out upon us as we faithfully serve.” – Elder Yoon Hwan Choi

“You are not an accidental byproduct of nature, a cosmic orphan, or the result of matter plus time plus change. Where there is design, there is a designer.” – Elder Alan T. Phillips

“As an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask you to serve as a missionary in the Gathering of Israel, and perhaps even serve again. We need you. We need you.” – Elder Ronald A. Rasband

Saturday Evening Session

“We can’t move with the crowd and also toward Jesus. The Savior has defeated death, disease, and sin, and has provided a way for our ultimate perfection if we follow Him with all of our hearts.” – Elder Gary B. Sabin

“It’s so important to make and keep covenants with God, as doing so will give us full access to the healing, enabling, and perfecting power of Jesus Christ through His Atonement.” – Elder Joni L. Koch

“No home is a failure unless it quits trying. Surely those who love the most and longest win.” – Sister Tamara W. Runia

“The light of a new day shines brighter in our lives when we see and treat our fellow beings with respect and dignity as true brothers and sisters in Christ.” – Elder Ulisses Soares

Sunday Morning Session

“I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and the Redeemer of the World. He is our best friend.” – President M. Russell Ballard

“A covenant is not only about a contract, although that is important. It’s about a relationship. Jesus will meet us where we are, as we are.” – Sister Emily Belle Freeman 

“As we strive to live our lives in harmony with the gospel of Jesus Christ, our conduct will be a living testimony of our Redeemer and His name.” – Elder Adilson de Paula Parella

“For those of us in the Church striving to be “peaceable followers of Christ,” a brighter day awaits us as we focus on our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” – Elder Quentin L. Cook

“The hero, our hero, now and always, is Jesus Christ, and anything or anyone, that distracts us from His teachings can negatively impact our progress on the covenant path.” – Bishop W. Christopher Waddell

“Our Heavenly Father will run to us, His heart overflowing with love and compassion. Heaven will rejoice at our return.” – Elder Dieter F. Ucthdorf. 

“If you want to receive the companionship of the Holy Ghost, you must want it for the right reasons. Your purposes must be the Lord’s purposes.” – President Henry B. Eyring

Sunday Afternoon Session

“Jesus Christ is our treasure. The Savior has given us many ways to focus on Him intentionally, including the daily opportunity to repent.” – Elder Dale G. Renlund

“Both truth and love are essential for our spiritual development.” – Elder John C. Pingree Jr. 

“Jesus Christ is the center of this gospel culture. Adopting the gospel culture in our families is critical to creating a fertile environment where the seed of faith may flourish.” – Elder Valeri V. Cordón

“Through temple blessings, the Savior heals individuals, families, and nations—even those that once stood as bitter enemies.” – Elder J. Kimo Esplin

“Sometimes we need to know love is spoken here, is heard and appreciated here.” – Elder Gerrit W. Gong

“The gospel of Jesus Christ ‘is the great equalizer.’ When truly embraced, one comes to know that each person is a child of God.” – Elder Christopher G. Giraud-Carrier

“As you ‘think celestial,’ you will view trails and opposition in a new light.” – President Russell M. Nelson

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