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President David O. McKay’s Vibrant Vision of the Spirit World

President David O. McKay’s Vibrant Vision of the Spirit World

Did you know that many early members of the Church experienced vibrant and detailed visions of the Spirit world? One of them was President David O. Mckay while touring the Polynesian Islands. This is his account.

In May of 1921, President David O. McKay was traveling by boat to Apia, Samoa, when he saw into the spirit world and saw people dressed in flowing white robes.

“We sailed all day on the smoothest sea of our entire trip…Nearing Savaii, we could see with the aid of our field glasses the ‘Spouting Horns,’ which looked like geysers. On our right we caught a glimpse of the little village nestling safely in the mouth of an extinct volcano on the little island of Apolima.

Toward evening, the reflection of the afterglow of a beautiful sunset was most splendid. The sky was tinged with pink, and the clouds lingering around the horizon were fringed with various hues of crimson and orange…Gradually, the shadows became deeper and heavier, and then all merged into a beautiful calm twilight that made the sea look like a great mirror upon which fell the faint light of the crescent moon.

Pondering still upon this beautiful scene, I lay in my berth at ten o’clock that night and thought to myself: Charming as it is, it doesn’t stir my soul with emotion as do the innocent lives of children, and the sublime characters of loved ones and friends…

I then fell asleep, and behind in vision something infinitely sublime. In the distance I beheld a beautiful white city. Though it was far away, yet I seemed to realize that all trees [were covered] with luscious fruit, shrubbery with gorgeously tinted leaves, and flowers in perfect bloom abounded everywhere.

The clear sky above seemed to reflect these beautiful shades of color. I then saw a great concourse of people approaching the city. Each one wore a white flowing robe and a white headdress. Instantly my attention seemed centered upon their leader, and though I could see only the profile of his features and his body, I recognized him at once as my Savior! The tint and radiance of his countenance were glorious to behold. There was a peace about him which seemed sublime – it was divine!

The city, I understood, was his. It was the City Eternal; and the people following him were to abide there in peace and eternal happiness. But who were they?

As if the Savior read my thoughts, he answered by pointing to a semicircle that then appeared above them, and on which were written in gold the words:

These Are They Who Have Overcome the World –
Who Have Truly Been Born Again!

When I awoke, it was breaking day over Apia harbor.”

This account came from the new book, The Magnificent World of Spirits by Marlene Bateman Sullivan. It gives us fascinating glimpses of life beyond the veil from members of the Church who saw it. From what spirits wear to how they communicate, there are some dazzling stories all of us need to read. Learn more about it here.

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