Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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President Monson...I Wish I Could Have Come and Held You Up

President Monson…I Wish I Could Have Come and Held You Up

If you were watching general conference this Sunday morning, your heart probably melted as you watched President Monson’s physical strength begin to fail on him in front of the entire Church. He started strong, and then all of the sudden it was as if an entire lifetime of church service came crashing down on to his shoulders.

It’s the first time that I can remember actually praying specifically for a person at the pulpit so that they would have the strength to endure. As I watched this man…this great man struggle through the last half of his message, I couldn’t help but become emotional. For me, it was as if the words he was speaking at the moment took a backseat to the symbolism of what I was witnessing, and in that moment, it was as if his spirit was speaking directly to mine.

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  1. That’s why we are commanded to sustain leaders not only with our hands but with our hearts. The best way to sustain a prophet is to take heed of his words and to put into practice his words. To go an serve one another doing things like our home teaching. He weakened body will soon cross the veil but as to me is concerned I have witnessed today his spirit at its strongest, a prophet of God testifying with all the energy that’s left within him. He knows where he is going… but still, he is more concern of where we are heading to!

  2. Did you notice the words to the hymn we all sang shortly after? It brought tears to my eyes- Fear not, I am with thee, oh be not dismayed. For I am thy God and will still give thee aid. I’ll strengthen thee, help thee, and CAUSE THEE TO STAND, upheld by my righteous omnipotent hand. Thomas S Monson is the kind of man who “fears not” and surely felt upheld and strengthened by God as he struggled through the end of his talk.

  3. I am sure that he was exhausted from a grueling couple of weeks. it obviously took a lot out of him. I was impressed that he attended all sessions of conference in addition to the heavy schedule of meetings calling three apostles etc tis past week. not manny 88 years olds can do that . The Lord obviously strengthens him to do the work. i hope he gets to bed early tonight. God bless him.

  4. What fierce determination to deliver his inspired message. Like faithful prophets before him he persevered. He wasn’t just talking the talk, he gave us a live demo on giving our all to the holy cause. Love and admiration to you dear Pres. Monson. True heroism for the love of the Lord and his people.

  5. What an inspiring Conference. An absolute feast of truth and light and inspiration from the chosen humble servants of the Lord. Not one single word is wasted when these men and women speak and they are such examples in word and deed. We are truly blessed.