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Resources To Help You Prepare For The Temple

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As I prepared to enter the temple for the first time to receive my own endowment, I found many great resources to help me. These resources helped me better understand what covenants I would be making in the temple. I was hesitant when I decided to go through the temple because I didn’t know if I was ready, but God reminded me that it was the right thing to do.

One night I was talking with my grandma about going through the temple and she said something that changed my perspective. She told me that the Lord had been preparing me for the temple my whole life. The temple is the goal and everything I have been taught in my life through the church has been preparing me for the day I would be able to go inside. 

With this change of mindset, I felt much more prepared to enter the temple. In addition to realizing that God had been preparing me for the temple my whole life, I found some helpful resources that increased my understanding before going there. 

Before I went through the temple I felt a lot of anxiety concerning the temple as it was this vast unknown. I didn’t realize how much information the church had available on the temple. I would encourage anyone who is preparing to enter the temple, or who wants to learn more about the temple to consider using these resources. 


I read these books as I prepared for the temple. These taught me more about the covenants I would be making, how to learn through the symbolism in the temple, the significance of the temple garment, and more.  Each of these books can be beneficial in helping someone prepare to enter the temple and in learning more about the temple after you have received your endowment. 

Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple 

This is a free resource you can get from the distribution center or ask your bishop for a copy. This short booklet gives a great overview of the temple and can be a great place to start preparing for the temple. 

Preparing for your endowment:

The Holy Covenants

The Holy Covenants

A Sacred Place like thisA Sacred Place Like This

The Holy Temple


This podcast was shared with me as I was preparing for the Temple and became one of my favorite resources to learn about the temple. Corrine Stokoe leads this episode with her dad. They discuss what helped them prepare for the temple and share several great examples of temples and symbolism throughout the scriptures. 


If you have never been to a temple open house these video tours of the Washington D.C. and Rome, Italy temples are a great resource to familiarize yourself with what a temple looks like and what you can expect to see as you go through the temple. 

This video is another great resource to give you a better understanding of what the temple endowment is and why it is significant. 

It can be helpful to learn about the history of temples and see how they have changed. Even in recent years, there have been several changes in temples. Temples have been around since ancient times and have stood as a house of the Lord and a place to go for peace and comfort. We learn of temples in the Bible and The Book of Mormon. 


These resources come straight from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints website. Here you can learn what the church has officially revealed about temples. These resources can help answer some of the questions you may have before entering the temple. 

What is inside the temple? 

What is the temple endowment? 

Why do people wear sacred clothing while in the temple? 


I hope these resources are able to help you better prepare for and learn about the temple. The temple is the house of the Lord where we can go to worship. It is a sacred place and a refuge from the world around us. We can find peace and comfort within the temple. Blessings will come as we prioritize taking time to worship in the temple. I encourage you to make the necessary preparations to receive your endowment. If you are already endowed keep going back to worship and be spiritually fed. 

I love the temple! I am so grateful I chose to go through the temple. I know it will continue to be a blessing in my life as I strive to attend the temple regularly. 

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Hannah Hall
Hannah Hall
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