Returned Missionary With Same-Sex Attraction Shares Advice

Prepare to Serve is a website dedicated to creating and providing resources for future LDS missionaries. With over 7,000 videos about missionary work, preparing to serve, and specific missions, the site is a valuable resource to any young elder or sister.

This week, Prepare to Serve uploaded a powerful new video from a returned missionary who has same-sex attraction; in the video, Brett shares his thoughts on deciding to serve a mission and other alternatives.

“Don’t feel in any moment that because you experience same-sex attraction and you live in a culture that hasn’t totally, always understood it and may never will…don’t think that there isn’t a place for you to serve,” Brett says of those longing to serve but wondering if it’s right. He also shares experiences of close friends who served in different capacities when they realized a full-time mission wasn’t right for their spiritual safety, adding, “The Lord will create a mission for you; be honest thought with your Church leaders.”

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