Seashells, Trash, And The Book Of Mormon Teachings On Karma

Seashells, Trash, And The Book Of Mormon Teachings On Karma

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Instant Karma’s going to get you?”

It speaks to the idea that whatever you do will come back to you.

Michele Doman, who is serving with her husband in the Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission in Mexico, has come to understand this principle in an amazing way.

The Doman’s just completed one year of service in Mexico, and it was a FULL year to say the least.

This brief description of year 1 might make you dizzy: 86 Zone Conferences, 1,300 interviews, 5,292 Book of Mormons ordered, along with 1,248 pizzas. 🙂

The next two years in Mexico will also be jam-packed with craziness, and full of excitement, worry, joy and sadness.

For Michelle, it is helpful to have time to unwind and feel at peace. One of these healing times is when she has the opportunity on occasion to walk on the beach.

What is she looking for on these walks?

Well, besides the peace, she collects seashells. 

At first, these walks would discourage her because of the amount of garbage that she saw littered on the sandy beach.

Then, Michele had an idea. She would take two bags with her on her strolls on the beach. One bag for the seashells, and one bag for trash, “thinking in my mind if the ocean sees I love it, it will send me beautiful shells.”

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