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Sisters in Sobriety: Never Walk Alone in Addiction Recovery Again

Sisters in Sobriety: Never Walk Alone in Addiction Recovery Again

As I have reflected on the complicated illness of addiction, I have come to see that the difference between someone who succeeds in recovery and someone who doesn’t has a lot to do with the support that individual has.  

Just as the disease itself is a progressive one, so is the process of healing.  When the change of heart, mind and soul begins, it is crucial to have the support and love of someone who has gone before and made the journey.  The path has been walked numerous times and will continue to be the way to happiness as the course is followed. The nature of the disease makes us feel alone, hopeless, unloved, and undeserving.  The shame that accompanies this is almost unbearable and help is rarely sought after.   Addiction does not discriminate.  We come from all walks of life and our journey is unique to us.  We find comfort and belonging in sharing our lives with other women knowing that we are heard and understood.  We are validated and we validate because we have been there!  We find strength and courage as the Lord takes our hand and places it in the hand of a sister who has found recovery.  He turns His precious child over to the care of her sisters, trusting that she will be taken care of as she finds her way back.  

Martin Luther King Jr. said it best: “If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”

The Sisters in Sobriety group was created by me, Lindsay Titus, in behalf of all women striving to find support and hope throughout the lifelong journey of recovery. With the help of the Sisters in Sobriety, you will never walk alone again!  They will assure you that as long as you’re taking two steps forward, if you take one step back you will still be moving forward.  They will give you the motivation and assurance you need to succeed.

The angels who grabbed my hand when I first began my life in recovery were other women who had traveled this road before. I could feel the love of my Savior radiate from the strong and inspired women, I now refer to as my sisters in sobriety as they held me up and gave me the support I so desperately needed.  As my healing progressed I was given different tools to use, different resources when I needed them. Recovery and my sisters taught me the importance of giving back.  Through these women’s example I could see the healing and continuing growth that comes as a result of helping others succeed.  The quality of sobriety depended on the efforts we take to assist others as they make this change.  

By creating Sisters in Sobriety, it is our prayer that women who struggle with addiction will be able to see that healing can happen and that life doesn’t have to be this way.  By listening to the quite whispering of the Spirit, I have been inspired to change the lives of women by providing different resources and guidance to help so many addicts.  By magnifying our callings here on earth, our hands become the Savior’s hands on the earth.

I work as the Clients Relations Director at Renaissance Ranch Women’s Outpatient, a substance abuse treatment program with gospel solutions and I am passionate about empowering women and fighting the stigma of addiction.  God created us to have joy!  The misery that comes with addiction is real.  The pain appears to be endless.  There is hope though!  There is light!  As you seek out His light, more light comes and with faith and desire, change becomes a reality and the excitement of the healing of a broken heart takes place.  Not only are we changed, but our families, our children, our spouses, who have suffered right along-side us can receive healing as well.  

It is a magnificent and beautiful thing to see broken relationships mend.  To see lost women become responsible, strong and amazing sisters, moms and wives.  Whether society wants to admit it or not, addiction is real!  It is not just something that happens to someone else, somewhere else.  It is happening right now to someone you know. Someone who is a part of your life in one way or another!  So today is the day to leave the stigma behind and fight back! What I can’t do alone, WE can do together!  Now is the time to change! To leave behind the insanity and start a whole new life filled with light and love! Taking on a whole new meaning, your life can and will become something to celebrate!  We have found the way! We know the path to take because we have walked it ourselves!  Our hands are outstretched, ready to lift you up.  But you must reach up first and hold on tight!  Get ready to fight, because good will ALWAYS win! We can come together as members of our communities and help each other heal!  Treatment centers are an amazing resource but can be expensive.  This is a free support group that gives all women the opportunity to heal together!

Helping other women as you have been healed creates an atmosphere of hope, peace, love and acceptance.  Find out more by checking our our official Facebook page and on my website,  We can’t wait to meet you!  Come heal with us!

Lindsay is the founder of Sisters in Sobriety and was featured on Mormon Channel’s 12 Steps to Change series about the addiction recovery program.

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