The Church States “Two Purposes: Accepting and Including People with Disabilities” in Beautiful New Video

This past Sunday morning, the Church released a visually and spiritually powerful video concerning how we can all improve at serving and loving our fellow brothers and sisters with disabilities. As members of the Church, we sometimes overlook others who may struggle with disabilities and mental illnesses. But in this recent video produced by the Church in collaboration with a variety of other religious organizations, we are reminded of the need each of us has to be loved.

As the video states, “to be invited, noticed, and loved are not special needs; they are everybody’s needs.”

In addition to the video, the Church has linked its page specifically designed to help educate members on how to best love and support friends and family with disabilities. These resources include videos, discussion guides, and study aids. You can access these resources here. As followers of Christ, we have been called to serve and love one another. Disabilities and illnesses can sometimes change the way that love and kindness is shared, and in an effort to create safer and more loving spaces for all individuals, the Church has made an effort to better educate members on how to best accommodate everyone’s needs.

Please view and read through these resources, and post any comments you may have regarding how we as a Church can better love and support one another.

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