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The Power Of A Priesthood Blessing

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Growing up in the church I took for granted how wonderful it is that we can receive priesthood blessings. I had heard so many baby blessings and confirmations that I forgot how significant they were. Every year before school started my siblings and I received a father’s blessing. To me, priesthood blessings became more of a routine and I lost sight of their purpose. 

I grew up in a wonderful family and was blessed with a father who worthily held the priesthood. As a child and young teenager, I never asked for a blessing outside the ones I knew to expect at specific times. Looking back I wish I had taken advantage of having a priesthood holder in my home who could give me a blessing.

President James E. Faust declared, “A priesthood blessing is sacred. It can be a holy and inspired statement of our wants and needs. If we are in tune spiritually, we can receive a confirming witness of the truth of the promised blessings. Priesthood blessings can help us in the small and great decisions of our lives. If, through our priesthood blessings, we could perceive only a small part of the person God intends us to be, we would lose our fear and never doubt again.” I know this is true. I have found excellent guidance from my patriarchal blessing and felt peace as I have received other blessings throughout my life. 

My testimony of priesthood blessings wasn’t solidified until I was 19. As I sat in a hospital waiting room with my mom and siblings while the doctors worked hard to save my dad’s life, I knew he needed a priesthood blessing. My whole life I had been taught about the countless miracles that had come from priesthood blessings. If there was ever a time for God to perform a miracle through His priesthood it was now. I relied on this tiny seed of faith that if my dad could receive a priesthood blessing he would be saved. We had several worthy priesthood holders arrive at the hospital and were preparing to give him a blessing when he began to crash again. At that moment I felt so angry with God that He would not make it possible for us to give my father a blessing. We never were able to give my father a blessing that day, but I know that the priesthood power he held was a blessing and strength to each of us who sat in that hospital room. 

After returning home from the hospital my grandfathers gave each person in my family an individual blessing to give us strength as we learned to navigate life without my dad. It has now been nearly six months since this day and I can not remember any of the words spoken during that blessing, but I know that it was that blessing that made it possible for me to continue to get up each day and continue living. 

Just this past week I received another priesthood blessing from my grandpa as I am preparing to start another semester at college. My testimony of priesthood blessings was reaffirmed again that day. Every time I have received a priesthood blessing I have felt the spirit strongly confirm to me that it was the power of God. 

Priesthood blessings are sacred experiences and should be treated with respect and reverence. I recently learned that it is okay to record a father’s blessings for personal and family records. The Church Handbook states, “Parents encourage their children to seek father’s blessings in times of need. Father’s blessings may be recorded for personal use.” I wish I had known this earlier in my life. I would love to listen to one of my father’s blessings today.

I can remember my dad becoming very emotional as he would give me and my siblings a father’s blessing. My mom said that he told her that as he was giving us a blessing he could see us as God saw us and could see our great potential as children of God. President Dallin H. Oaks expressed this thought in a conference address, “In a priesthood blessing a servant of the Lord exercises the priesthood, as moved upon by the Holy Ghost, to call upon the powers of heaven for the benefit of the person being blessed.” I would strongly encourage you to ask for a father’s blessing. If it is not possible for you to receive a father’s blessing, ask another worthy priesthood holder. In my experience, they are eager to help give a blessing whenever asked. President Dallin H. Oaks has said, “Do not be hesitant to ask for a priesthood blessing when you are in need of spiritual power.” 

It is much better to ask a worthy priesthood holder to give you a blessing than to continue to suffer alone. God wants to help us and wants us to have joy. There will be times when we will have to experience pain and suffering, but if we ask God, He will always help. President Faust stated, “All blessings come from God. Our Heavenly Father knows His children. He knows their strengths and weaknesses. He knows their capabilities and potential.” I have felt the power of the priesthood after receiving a blessing and I have witnessed miracles come from priesthood blessings. I know that priesthood blessings come from our loving Heavenly Father and have the power to give us strength and comfort during challenging times.


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Hannah Hall
Hannah Hall
Hannah Hall is a student at Utah State University, studying Human Experience Design and Interaction. She loves music, reading, hiking, gardening, baking, and spending time with her family.

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