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The Powerful Principle of The First Thought

The Powerful Principle of The First Thought

Are you scared to serve?

Sometimes, helping those around us can be intimidating or nerve-racking. We don’t want to be a bother. We don’t want to embarrass someone. We don’t know what to do.

Have you even had the experience where you had the thought to do something good, but then decided against it? We start thinking of all the reasons why it is a bad idea.

This is where the principle of the first thought can change everything.

It is a very simple principle. If your first thought is to do something good, just do it.

God inspires us to serve through the still small promptings of the Holy Ghost. He often will only speak once. The idea may seem so small or so insignificant it gets ignored or brushed aside. If we do not to commit to act, Satan comes in with a host of other thoughts.

That’s a dumb idea. You’re too busy. They don’t really need your help. You’re going to make it worse.

God will never tell you not to do something good. He will always inspire you to love as he loved. So, if your first thought is to love, you can know it is from God. It may be something small, like a compliment or smile. It can be on a much larger scale.

The principle of the first thought doesn’t mean all the fear and the apprehension goes away. However, we can act in confidence, knowing we are are striving to do God’s will.

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