This Simple Question Will Improve Every One of Your Relationships

This Simple Question Will Improve Every One of Your Relationships

Relationships are at the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s plan of happiness. From temple sealings that bind families together forever to the powerful reminder that “this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent,” relationships form an essential and eternal part of our lives.

As with anything significant, however, building and maintaining relationships takes a monumental amount of effort. Our greatest joys come from our relationships with others, but so does our greatest pain.

Whether it is with our co-workers, our family, or even God himself, how can we improve our relationships?

The answer is simple. You already know it.

In any interaction you have with someone, you simply need to ask yourself:

What can I do to be a blessing in this person’s life right now?

Obvious, right? Yet, so often we define our relationships by what we can get out of them. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s one of the primary purposes of having relationships in the first place. We have employees to help us and spouses to hold us. Our friends give us real talk and our Church leaders give us counsel.
We’re meant to humbly accept service and thoroughly enjoy the enriching relationships in our lives. This enjoyment, however, can lure us into a habitual state of selfishness. We don’t mean to do that. We want to serve.

By seeking an answer to the question of what you can give rather than what you can get, you help train your mind to turn out when the natural man wants to turn in. By asking a very specific and direct question of how you can bless someone in a singular moment, you open yourself to pure revelation.

As your mind begins to consistently choose to focus on what someone else needs, your heart will more frequently with charity. It may even expand more than you ever thought possible. It is likely you’ll find yourself doing and saying things you thought were beyond you.

Jesus Christ, as always, is our perfect example in this. In every moment, he thought first of what he could give. In the end, he gave himself completely.

As we do our best to give of ourselves, God will not forsake us. It is important to practice self-care and not over-extend ourselves. God will watch us. As we serve others, he will serve us.

So, the next time you talk to that co-worker, come home to your family, or see that cashier in the grocery store line, ask yourself:

What can I do to be a blessing in this person’s life right now?


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