The Unbelievable Love Story of an Atheist and a Volunteer

The Unbelievable Love Story of an Atheist and a Volunteer

When Gary Vahey went onto to have a little fun with the Mormon missionaries, he never expected to meet his wife or discover truths that would change his eternal perspective.

Growing up as an atheist in Southwest London, Gary Vahey had only vaguely heard references to “the Mormons,” but as of a little over two years ago, he couldn’t tell you what the word meant, let alone what these peculiar people believed.

In fact, Vahey’s first exposure to Mormonism came through the popular—though often crass—Comedy Central cartoon, South Park. The episode featured Joseph Smith’s life and the genesis of the Church in this day and age. Needless to say, Vahey had an interesting, if inaccurate, introduction to the LDS Church.

“The first time I saw [that South Park] episode, in addition to thinking it was really funny, I was genuinely and absolutely astonished that anyone could actually believe that story,” Vahey remembers.

Vahey’s flippant curiosity brought him one Saturday morning onto, where he discovered he could message the missionaries about his questions.

“I couldn’t help myself,” Vahey admits. “Being honest, I was going on there to make fun of them a little bit, but I was also genuinely curious about [their beliefs]. I was also looking forward to having a bit of fun with these people.”

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